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The American Statistician
(ASA) Searchable index 1947--1996. Table of contents and abstracts from vol. 51 (1997). Full text to subscribers from vol. 54 (2001).
The Annals of Statistics
An Official Journal of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Full text through Project Euclid and JSTOR from vol. 1 (1973).
Bernoulli Journal
Official Journal of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
Biometrical Letters
An official journal of the Polish Biometric Society. Online abstracts since vol. 42(2), 2005.
A Journal of the International Biometric Society. Full text through Blackwell Synergy and JSTOR from vol. 1 (1945).
(OUP) A journal of statistics in which emphasis is placed on papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications. Contents and abstracts on-line from vol. 83 (1996). Full text to subscribers from vol. 86 (1999).
(OUP) Abstracts of all volumes. Full text to subscribers from vol. 1 (2000).
Canadian Journal of Statistics/Revue canadienne de statistique
Publication of the Statistical Society of Canada, released quarterly.
A magazine about statistics and its use in society. Topical index.
Computational Statistics
International journal which promotes the publication of applications and methodological research on the contribution to and influence of computing on statistics and vice versa. Editors' site with news and instructions for authors.
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
Incorporating Statistical Software Newsletter. The Official Journal of the International Association for Statistical Computing. Contents and abstracts from vol.29 (1998). Full text to subscribers.
Elsevier: Stochastic Processes and their Applications
An official journal of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Tables of contents and abstracts of all volumes, full text to subscribers.
Entropy Journal
Journal devoted to the exploration of entropy in statistics and science.
IMS Bulletin
Newsletter published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.
International Journal of Mathematics & Statistics
Peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year. Includes information on the aims and scope of the journal, archives, instructions for authors and subscriptions.
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics
Published by the American Statistical Association and the International Biometric Society. Contents and abstracts from 1997 to 1999 (vol.2 to vol.5). Subscribers-only online access to current issues.
Journal of Classification
Publishes papers in the field of classification, numerical taxonomy, multidimensional scaling and other ordination techniques, clustering, tree structures and other network models. Tables of contents from vol.14 (1997) on. Full text to subscribers.
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
Contents and abstracts from vol.6 (1997). Electronic access since 2001.
Journal of Multivariate Analysis
(Elsevier Science Direct) Contents and abstracts from vol.44 (1993). Text to subscribers.
Journal of Official Statistics
Publishes articles on statistical methodology and theory with emphasis on applications. Table of contents and abstracts from vol. 1 (1985).
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation (JSCS)
Author information, searchable index to all volumes.
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
A broad-based journal encompassing all branches of statistics, under planning and inference. Tables of contents of all volumes. Full text to subscribers.
Journal of Statistical Software
Full text, code and data from vol.1 (1996).
Journal of Statistics Education
Offers free full-text access to all issues.
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Searchable contents and abstracts from vol.92 (1997). Electronic access since 2001.
Natural Resource Modeling
International journal devoted to mathematical modeling of natural resource systems, including their inherent physical, chemical, and biological processes, and of the economic and operational basis for their management.
Statistical Methods and Applications
The official journal of the Italian Statistical Society. General description and editorial board.
Statistical Methods in Medical Research
Online access from vol. 6 (1997).
Statistics and Probability Letters
New statistical methods and innovative applications of statistics and probability to other scientific disciplines. Contents and abstracts from vol.1 (1982).
Statistics Education Research Journal
An electronic free-access journal of the International Association for Statistical Education and the International Statistical Institute. Full text from 1996 in PDF.
Statistics for the Physical, Chemical, and Engineering Sciences: published quarterly by the American Society for Quality and the American Statistical Association. Contents and abstracts from 1997.
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