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Altham, Pat
University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. Research interests: Analysis of discrete data, multivariate analysis, generalized linear modelling, S-Plus, graphical methods, statistical consulting. Links to papers and lecture notes.
Arsham, Hossein
Professor of Management Science and Statistics, University of Baltimore. Biographical information, instructional activities, research and publications, consulting services, and favorite bookmarks.
Bailey, R .A.
Queen Mary and Westfield College, London. Design of experiments, particularly those with one or more nuisance factors and in which the treatment factors are qualitative.
Bickel, David R.
Statistical analysis of genomic and physiological data. Copies of papers on statistical methods of data analysis.
Broman, Karl W.
Statistician in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Research interests: statistical genetics, applied statistics, statistical computing.
Casarin, Roberto
Assistant Professor of Econometrics at the University of Brescia, Italy. Includes resume, research interests in financial and computational econometrics, and publications.
Directory of Academic Statisticians
Portal to academic statisticians in the UK, which is listed alphabetically by institution, surname or research interests.
Fouskakis, Dimitris
School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Athens. Applications of Statistical Methods to Medical Sciences, Epidemiology, Stochastic Optimization Methods, Health Policy, Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, Computing. CV, publications, and conference presentations.
Galton, Francis
Victorian polymath: geographer, meteorologist, tropical explorer, founder of differential psychology, inventor of fingerprint identification, pioneer of statistical correlation and regression, convinced hereditarian, eugenicist, proto-geneticist, cousin of Charles Darwin and best-selling author.
Galton, Francis
Contains selected writings ("Statistical inquiries into the efficacy of prayer", "On visualising a million"), biography, and list of publications.
Giles, Kendall
Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research, Virginia Commonwealth University. Research interests include statistical learning, high-dimensional data analysis, visualization and network security.
Grimmett, Geoffrey
University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. Research interests: Probability theory, combinatorial theory, stochastic models in statistical physics, probabilistic number theory.
Hamadani, Dave
Research in statistics, mathematics and SAS programming.
Hardwick, Janis
EECS Department, University of Michigan. Adaptive sampling, sequential analysis, ethical clinical trial designs, and related areas.
Horrace, William C.
Professor of econometrics and statistics, Syracuse University. Statistical analysis of economic data.
Howard, Philip
Masters student in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. Includes CV and details of his academic and research interests.
Kelly, Frank
University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. Research interests: Random processes, networks and optimization, especially applications to the design and control of communication networks.
Kutsyy, Vadim
PhD student in statistics.
León, Ramón V.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Interests: Applications of statistics to quality and reliability.
Martin, James
University of Oxford, Statistics Department. Research interests include interacting particle systems, models of random growth and percolation, coagulation and fragmentation, queueing, and communication networks.
Medvedovic, Mario
Statistician interested in statistical models and analysis of complex biological data, e.g. DNA Arrays, Mutational Spectra.
Moral, JAB
Multidisciplinar web site dedicated to different science areas including business intelligence, statistics and robotics.
Mount, David
Associate Professor, University of Maryland.
Norris, James
University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. Research interests: Stochastic analysis, coagulation, Malliavin calculus, stochastic differential geometry, heat kernels, homogenization.
Owen, Art B.
Stanford University. Department of Statistics. Includes reports, software, and courses.
Paddock, Susan M
Statistician, RAND Corporation. Specialties: Bayesian statistics, hierarchical models, missing data, nonignorable nonresponse, health care policy. Includes CV, research interests and links.
Petrisor, Alexandru I.
University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest. Applying statistical methods in environmental sciences. Personal information, papers and other published works.
Pitts, Susan
University of Cambridge, Statistical Laboratory. Functional limit theorems in probability and statistics, queueing theory, insurance.
Ramseyer, Gary
At Illinois State University; with statistics fun and jokes.
Scarrott, Carl
University of Canterbury. Department of Math and Statistics. Research interests: spectral analysis, spatial statistics, non-parametric methods, as well as modeling for extreme values, random effects and spatio-temporal values. Page includes publications and information on making movies in MatLab.
Suhov, Yuri
University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory and Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Information Transmission Problems. Research interests: Statistical mechanics, communication theory, queueing systems, networks including neural networks.
Todorov, Yuri
Teacher at Sofia University in Bulgaria. Research interests include didactic measurement, empirical research on historical consciousness, and information technology. Publications are in Bulgarian.
Wischik, Damon
UCL Networks research group. Research interests: Stochastic networks, large deviations, internet pricing.
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