Commercial enterprises in the field of Mathematical Software.

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Adept Scientific
Offers a broad range of personal computer products for mathematical, scientific and engineering applications.
Advanced Visual Systems
Data visualization, perceptual computing, complex data analysis, technical and engineering problem-solving. Includes list of products and information about the company.
Aepryus Software
Mathematics, Physics and Evolutionary Biology.
Applied Analytic Systems
Consulting and software development firm specializing in operations research, statistical, and artificial intelligence applications.
Aptech Systems, Inc.
Produce a data analysis environment based on the GAUSS Matrix Programming Language and other data analysis tools.
CenterSpace Software
.NET numerical analysis. NMath products contain C# interfaces to BLAS and LAPACK, random number generators, anova, regression, probability distributions, sparse matrices, hypothesis tests and descriptive statistics. Evaluation versions available.
Computer algebra mathematics software (Derive 5 and LiveMath), Autograph for plotting, coordinate geometry and single variable statistics, Cabri-Geometre II dynamic geometry software, Fathom dynamic statistics, MathType equation editor.
Codemist Ltd
Software provider in compilers and symbolic computation. The main products are the Norcroft C compiler and the computer algebra system Reduce, together with the Lisp system CSL/CCL. Demo versions available free for download.
Dew Research
Developer of optimized mathematical software libraries for advanced scientific computing. Numerical, statistical and digital signal processing libraries for Win 32 and .NET.
Harmonic Software
Makers of interactive analysis and visualization software.
Hermetic Systems
Mathematical software dealing with prime numbers and factorization.
Hermetic Systems Software Programs
Develops Windows programs, covering several areas of application, including calendar date conversion, encryption and mathematics. Downloadable trial versions available.
Lyryx Learning Inc.
Specializes in the design and development of tools to deliver online educational content and assessment. Also offers own online courses in business mathematics, financial accounting, and linear algebra.
MathConsult GmbH
Software company developing customized numerical software for engineering and finance.
MathPad Software Corp.
Online mathematical tools including curve plotting and fitting, with applications in thermodynamics and chemistry.
MathResources, Inc.
Makers of MathResource, the interactive version of The HarperCollins Dictionary of Mathematics by Borowski and Borwein, MathPoints, and MRI Graphing Calculator.
Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Ltd.
Develops and provides software to solve complex mathematical problems. Free bimonthly electronic newsletter.
Object Based Advanced Computational Solutions
Offers Scinet Math, a numerical software library for the Microsoft.NET platform, and Scinet Chart, a flexible charting component to create 2D and 3D plots of numerical data and mathematical functions. Trial version available to download.
A consulting company offering agent-based modeling and optimization services.
A universal simulator for dynamical systems.
Poly Software International
PSI-Plot and ProStat statistical and graphics software for purchase.
Quasinewtonian Technologies
QNT is a Canadian software company with a special interest in mathematically and numerically intensive applications.
Rogue Wave Software
Provider of a wide-range of components for the cross-platform C++ market including mathematical, financial and statistical class libraries.
Runiter Company
Developer of an A&G equation grapher, a smart math calculator, a 3D graphing calculator, a statistics problem solver and a calculus problem solver.
Systat Software Inc.
Offers programs for interpreting statistical data, curve fitting and signal analysis. Includes support links and product information.
Ziena Optimization Inc.
Nonlinear (NLP) solver with interfaces to most modeling languages. Consulting for problem formulation and training are also available.
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