Phi is the Greek letter representing the golden ratio, also called the golden mean or the golden proportion. Break a line segment into two such that the ratio of the whole to the longest segment is the same as the ratio of the two segments, that ratio is the golden ratio. Phi = 1.618034...
The 'Phi-Nest'
Information on the Golden Section, Divine Proportion, Fibonacci series and phi.
20,000 Digits
A Project Gutenberg Etext.
Ask Dr. Math
A list of questions gathered pertaining to Fibonacci and Golden Ratio.
A brief introduction to Golden Ratio
An interview with George Cardas, describing his use of the Golden Ratio in high-end audio equipment cables.
Colin and Greg's Golden Ratio Page
This is an informative site on an interesting aspect of Geometry: The Golden Ratio.
Constructing the Golden Rectangle
A description of the golden rectangle with formulas and drawings.
Division in Mean and Extreme Ratio
The base angle of the largest triangles of most representations of Sri Yantra are about 52 degrees, close to the base angle of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which is 51deg50'. With such a base angle, the ratio of the hypotenuse to half the base is phi, the Golden Ratio.
The Golden Mean by Jerry Bonnell and Robert Nemiroff
A Project Gutenberg eBook with one million digits.
The Golden Ratio
Extension of the number.
The Golden Ratio
Project with art references and object construction lessons.
The Golden Ratio and The Fibonacci Numbers
A presentation of the relationship between the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Numbers from the proceedings of the Friesian School.
Golden Rectangle
Defines the "Golden Rectangle" based on phi and shows some formulars and drawings of the results.
The Golden Section - the Number and Its Geometry
Simple definitions; exact value and first 2000 decimal places; finding the golden section; continued fractions. Simple tricks for your calculator, puzzles and games.
The Greeks and the Golden Mean
A paper relating the early discovery of the Golden Mean by the ancient Greeks and their methods of constructing it.
Phi: That Golden Number
How to generate the number, GSP script for dividing segments, rectangle and other shapes, the rabbit problem and references.
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