Pi = 3.1415926535... An irrational number, a never ending yet never repeating decimal, Pi has been calculated and explored throughout history from the ancient times to the present.

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Ask Dr. Math - Pi
Dr Math answers over 60 questions submitted by people about pi including questions on the Bible's relationship to it and its relationship to trigonometry.
Ask Dr. Math: About Pi
Explains what the constant is and a brief history. Includes resource links.
Buffon's Needle
An analysis of its relation to Pi and a simulation by George Reese.
Calculating Pi
An open source endeavor for the calculation of this constant. Describes the project, the implemented algorithms for calculation and software downloads.
A Common Book of Pi
Includes a brief history, a page with different formulas and a list of references.
The Constant Pi
History, formulae, algorithms, programs, records of computation, and references.
Elias' Pi Page
Includes Pi in the Binary number system, Pi as a sound file and Pi shown in different images.
Fun With Pi
A Topica email list. Archives readable by anyone.
History and Philosophy of Pi
Probably no symbol of infinity in mathematics has evoked as much mystery, romanticism, misconception and human interest as the number and Greek letter of Pi. Interesting facts and trivia about Pi.
How Stuff Works: Pi
Animated graphic helps to explain Pi and the different ways of calculating Pi, with some related links.
The Joy of Pi
Book, digits, links, facts, and quote.
Lucy Scale Developments
Pitch, Pi, and other musical paradoxes.
The Magic Piworld
Provides generated pictures and personal signs out of digits of Pi. Also a Picture Gallery, PiSign, PiPhonie.
Pi Approximation Day
22/7 - that is, July 22. For the past few years, people at Chalmers University have celebrated it.
Pi Land
Fun activities, a Pi trivia game and a Trainer for digit memorization. Pi poetry, artwork, and photography, calculations, digits and book reviews.
The Pi Trivia Game
History, math, and physics questions.
Pi World Ranking List
Every sport has its championship. Every sport has its world ranking list. For many who like to memorize numbers, PI is the ultimate number, and it makes sense to create a list for people to get in touch and learn where they stand in the world of memorizers.
The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page
Information on links for Pi Day.
A Slice of Pi Home Page
Features an historic overview of the discovery and estimate methods of pi. formula expressions, and the first 100,000 digits. Some pages use a Geometer's Sketchpad program.
A Tribute to Pi
Club and information.
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