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Famous Curves Index
Curves you've heard of and curves you haven't, from Astroid to the Witch of Agnesi.
A Mathematician's Aesthetics
In his classic A Mathematician's Apology, G. H. Hardy likened mathematics to poetry and painting. This site elaborates on Hardy's remark with quotations from Stevens, Klee, Fry, and Focillon. Links to related sites are given.
The Aesthetics of Symmetry
A brief digression into how people perceive symmetrical patterns -- what makes them boring, interesting, or overly intricate
Amazing Spiro
An applet for making spirograph graphs. Includes options for size, color and shape. Allows saving of completed image.
Back to Square One
Includes description, solutions and other resources on this cube-like puzzle.
Cryptarithms Online
A large collection of cryptarithms and alphametics, including cryptarithms from the journal Sphinx, a Primer on Cryptarithmetic, books, and links to other collections of alphametics on the Web.
Include news, math tricks, methods, facts, trivia, mostly posted by users.
David Singmaster: List of Available Material
Teaching and recreational items in this personal collection.
The Diamond 16 Puzzle
New version of the classic puzzle using row/column/quadrant permutations to display symmetries of graphic designs. Has link to a site on the underlying mathematics (Diamond Theory).
Eric's Scientific Book List: Recreational Mathematics
Book list from Eric Weisstein including titles, authors, publishers, prices, page count and some have links to
Fair Dice
Includes a complete list of all possible Fair Dice, most of which are not cubes. Includes pictures.
Famous Curves
Visual animations of famous curves.
Fast Arithmetic Tips
Three categories: defensive - know to check an answer, offensive - fast mental calculations, and math magic.
Final Answers
Numerous facts including formulas, magic tricks, fallacies and recreations compiled by Dr. Gerard P. Michon.
Gardner Index
Rough index to the fifteen books containing Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games articles from Scientific American.
Geometric Packing Problems
By Joseph Malkevitch: "Given one shape X how and when can one pack identical copies of this shape into another shape Y?"
A collection of problems from MIT. Work reported herein was conducted at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology research program.
How to Manually Find a Square Root
Provides a method of finding a square root without the use of a calculator.
A page on polyiamond puzzles. Includes many pages on tessellation.
MAT 007 I News
A newsletter edited by undergraduates of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. Includes some online copies.
Math Forum: Algebra Problem of the Week
View this week's algebra problem or those of previous weeks.
Math in the Movies
A guide to major motion pictures with scenes of real mathematics.
Math Magic By Computer
Interactive java puzzles and activities in different mathematical topics.
Mathematical Lego Sculptures
Designed and built by Andrew Lipson. Images and LDraw files.
Mathematical Problems - Problem Solving
Mathematics Hots (Problems) by Bruno Kevius
Mathematics in Art and Architecture
An interdisciplinary course on mathematics in art and architecture.
Individual pages on different topics in Mathematics. Examples : group theory, dynamical systems theory, geometry or number theory.
Mathematische Basteleien
Topics include Flexagon, Soma Cube, Pentominos, Cube-it, Rubik's Cube, Froebel's Star, Tangram, House of Santa Claus, Chronogram, Numeric Palindromes, Latticework of Letters. English/German.
Have fun with geometric shapes, fractals, math games, art, humor, quotes, and important constants.
Includes puzzles, jokes, quotations, poetry, and FAQs.
Maze Classification and Algorithms
A short description of mazes and how to create them. Definition of different mazetypes and their algorithms.
Mudd Math Fun Facts
An archive of interesting math facts for use in the classroom or just for fun. Browse by subject, difficulty, keywords, or try the "random" feature. Based at Harvey Mudd College.
The Nine Digits Page
Puzzles and problems connected with numbers using the digits 1-9.
Number Recreations by Shyam Sunder Gupta
Features interesting facts about different numbers. Includes favorite related links.
On the Puzzles with Polyhedra and Numbers
This is an article on a set of didactical games edited by the Portuguese Mathematical Society (SPM). [PDF]
Includes pages on magic squares and polyomino patterns and contains related java applets.
Recreational Mathematics (David Eppstein)
An extensive list of web resources for recreational math.
Recreational Mathematics Forum
A forum for posting messages about math recreations. Hosted at Delphi.
Recreational Mathematics Topics
By Steven Dutch. Symmetry, Crystals, Polyhedra and Tilings; Pythagorean triplets and other things about sums of powers; Geometry Classics.
Roman Numerals
Includes a introduction to Roman numerals including a translation of the digits used and a converter which can convert decimal to Roman numerals and vice versa.
Home of Simon Singh: author, journalist and TV producer, specialising in science and mathematics. Cryptography is one of his specialties, and his site has a lot of educational and fun content about codes and codebreaking.
Skytopia - Super Magnet
A colourful world built entirely using mathematical atoms and molecules. Pictures and animations demonstrate structures colliding and interacting. Animated GIF demonstrations.
The Sound of Mathematics
Algorithmic music determined by mathematics and by the musical preferences of a human. General MIDI files.
Stunning Friends with Math Magic
A collection of card tricks, number guessing games, paper and glue magic, and other math exercises.
Table of Numbers Problem
Given a m * n rectangle, place all numbers from 1 to mn that minimizes the sum of the products of rows and columns (both in Spanish and English).
Wade Edward Philpott
Profile and description of his mathematical games and puzzles.
Who Can Name the Bigger Number?
An essay by Scott Aaronson on the quest for ever-bigger numbers, from exponentials to Busy Beavers.

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