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Donoho, David
Statistical applications, signal denoising, curvelets, ridgelets.
Abramovich, Felix
Shrinkage, nonparametric regression, smoothing methods, inverse problems.
Bekkouche, Hocine
Lossless/lossy image compression, signal-adapted filter banks, estimation theory.
Beylkin, Gregory
Numerical analysis, data compression, differential equations.
Blu, Thierry
Wavelets, multiresolution and approximation with applications in functional MRI, Optical Coherence Tomography.
Cosman, Pamela
Video compression, visibility of packet losses in compressed video.
Duval, Laurent
Signal and image applications (denoising, estimation) of wavelets and filter banks (geosciences, combustion analysis); WITS: wavelet names.
Feichtinger, Hans Georg
Scattered approximation, Gabor expansions, wavelet theory.
Jorgensen, Palle
Lists recent research papers, a sample of a recent book, and specific areas of interest (fractals, dynamical systems).
Kaiser, Gerald
Harmonic analysis, Partial Differential Equations, wavelets, physics-based signal and image processing.
Kolaczyk, Eric D.
Statistical modeling of instrumental data in temporal, spatial, and spatio-temporal contexts.
Kovacevic, Jelena
Wavelets, frames, biomedical signal processing, multirate signal processing, data compression and signal processing for communications.
Lemire, Daniel
Wavelet filter design and interpolatory subdivision schemes.
Mallat, St├ęphane
Image compression, deconvolution, spectral estimation, matching pursuit, wavelet networks, texture gradient, bandelets.
Meyer, Francois
Adaptive wavelet packet and local cosine image compression, brushlets (adaptive basis of functions reasonably well localized with only one peak in frequency).
Nason, Guy
Curve and surface estimation, time series analysis, experimental design, data analysis.
Ogden, Todd
Analysis of brain imaging data, nonparametric regression, wavelets, statistical computing, functional data analysis, change-point problems.
Percival, Donald B.
Statistical applications, shrinkage, data analysis.
Pesquet, Jean-Christophe
Statistical signal processing using wavelets and nonlinear multiresolution analysis.
Saito, Naoki
Applied and computational harmonic analysis, image analysis, pattern recognition, data compression, statistical signal processing, human and machine vision, geophysical inverse problems.
Silverman, Bernard
Statistical applications, wavelet regression, mixture problems.
Simoncelli, Eero P.
Multiresolution statistical image models, with application to compression, denoising, texture synthesis, and computational neuroscience.
Tewfik, Ahmed H.
Signal processing for multimedia (in particular watermarking, data hiding and content-based retrieval) and heart diagnostic from acoustic measurements.
Unser, Michael
Sampling theories, multiresolution algorithms, wavelets, and the use of splines for image processing.
Vidakovic, Brani
Wavelet history, bayesian inference, statistical modeling.
Xiong, Zixiang
Image and video compression, image restoration.
Zakhor, Avideh
Video and image processing, Matching Pursuit, 3D models.
Zhang, Yu
Wavelet analysis, time frequency representation, general signals and systems, and applications in medical ultrasound signal processing.
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