Mathematicians, who specialize in the study of approximation methods for solving formulas and equations, including measuring the extent of possible errors.

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Arnold, Douglas N.
Director, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, mechanics; the numerical solution of the equations of general relativity. Publications, talks, teaching material, other resources.
Behrens, Joern
Technische Universitaet Muenchen. Scientific computing, parallelization, adaptive atmospheric modeling. Scientific animations, slides of talks, publications and downloadable software.
Benthien, George
Retired mathematician with a PhD in mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University. Page contains tutorials on numerical linear algebra, harmonic analysis, digital encoding, symmetry reductions, and modeling of sonar transducers and arrays.
Bila, Nicoleta
Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) . Symmetry analysis of partial differential equations; parameter identification problems; nonlinear partial differential equations; symbolic manipulation programs for symmetry analysis; variational symmetry groups and conservation laws.
Celledoni, Elena
Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Krylov subspace and preconditioning methods for the numerical solution of large linear systems arising from the discretization of PDEs; waveform relaxation methods.
Domain Decomposition People
A list of web pages and email addresses of workers in Domain Decomposition methods.
Dominguez, Victor
Public University of Navarre. Interests in numerical solution of integral equations. CV and downloadable papers.
Gavaghan, David
University of Oxford. The application of numerical methods in medical research and associated basic sciences.
Giles, Mike
University of Oxford. Development and analysis of numerical methods for partial differential equations, particularly in computational fluid dynamics; parallel and distributed computing.
Higham, Nick
University of Manchester. Numerical linear algebra, numerical analysis, scientific computation.
Iserles, Arieh
University of Cambridge. Research interests in numerical ordinary differential equations; also functional equations, approximation theory, special functions, numerical partial differential equations, nonlinear algebraic equations and nonlinear dynamical systems.
Lipnikov, Konstantin
Los Alamos National Laboratory. Solvers and discretization for PDEs.
Mazzia, Francesca
University of Bari. Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations.
Sobey, Ian
University of Oxford. Computational and experimental fluid mechanics; medical engineering and oilfield applications.
Xu, Jinchao
Pennsylvania State University. Numerical methods for PDEs and in particular finite element methods; multigrid methods for theoretical analysis, algorithmic developments and practical applications.
Zanna Munthe-Kaas, Antonella
University of Bergen. Research interests: Geometric Integration.
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