Science Math Numerical Analysis
A branch of mathematics that studies the use of repeated discrete operations to find approximate solutions to continuous equations.

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Domain Decomposition Organization
Bergen, Norway. Information about the annual international Domain Decomposition meeting, links to people working in the field and information about books and other material related to Domain Decomposition.
Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM)
A nonprofit organization that supports and promotes research on foundations of computational mathematics.
Holistic Numerical Methods Institute
A collection of resources on numerical methods aimed at undergraduates, maintained at the University of South Florida.
Interval Computations
Indexes links relating to interval arithmetic and related issues.
Level Set and Fast Marching Methods:
Tracking moving interfaces in computational geometry, materials sciences, robotics, image processing, and fluid mechanics; numerical techniques based on partial differential equations.
Newton's Method and High-order Iterations
Newton's iteration : History, convergence results, Halley's iteration and high order new iterations. A web text in HTML and PostScript.
Numerical Methods
A guide to on-line resources.
Numerical Methods for PDEs with Java Applets
Distance learning course dealing with finite differences / elements, Monte-Carlo, Fourier and Lagrangian methods for the advection, diffusion, wave, Schrodinger, Burger and KdV equations. The commercial version of a course taught to science and engineering students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden).
Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
SIAM activity group. Newsletter, conferences, bibliography, reports, history, jobs, other resources.
Solve Equations by Successive Approximations
Approximation formulae to compute real and complex solutions of equations in a spreadsheet.
SQRT - Algorithms for Calculating the Square Root
Describing two major algorithms: one efficient in terms of size, the other in terms of speed. English/Portuguese.
Tomasz Plewa's Numerical Analysis Directory
Directory of sites containing software for numerical analysis (mainly in Fortran).

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