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(Canada) CICMA, Concordia University, Montreal
Research in number theory and arithmetic geometry. Members, seminars, preprints.
(Canada) Queen's University, Kingston
Algebra and Number Theory Group. Members, research interests.
(Canada) University of British Columbia
Number Theory group. Members, research areas and meetings.
(China) Shandong University
Number theory research group. Members, research interests, courses, events.
(Croatia) University of Zagreb
Seminar on Number Theory and Algebra. Members, seminars, links.
(Europe) Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
A European network of 12 working groups from 6 countries.
(Germany) University of Regensburg/Leipzig
Algebraic Cycles and L-Functions research group. People, preprints, seminars, workshops, positions, news.
(Hungary) Eötvös University, Budapest
Department of Algebra and Number Theory. Events, publications, members' pages.
(Hungary) Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen
Department of Algebra and Number Theory. Staff list.
(Israel) Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Research Group. Members, research interest, seminars.
(Italy) University of Pisa
Number Theory Group. Research interests and members.
(Netherlands) University of Leiden
Number theory research group. Staff, events, links.
(UK) Cardiff University
Number Theory Group. Members, research interests, advice to research students.
(UK) King's College London
Number Theory Group. Staff, meetings, preprints.
(UK) Nottingham University
Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry research group. Research interests, members, visitors, meetings.
(UK) Royal Holloway, University of London
Research areas (mainly analytic/combinatorial), members.
(UK) University of Bristol
Number Theory group. Staff, students, events, links.
(UK) University of Cambridge
Number Theory Seminar. Meetings.
(UK) University of Durham
Geometry and Arithmetic Group. Members, meetings, preprints.
(UK) University of Glasgow
Number Theory and Combinatorics. Staff, research interests.
(UK) University of Oxford
Number Theory Group. Members, publications, meetings.
(UK) University of York
Number Theory Research Group.
(USA) Boston University
Algebra and Number Theory Research Group. Members, research interests, seminars, courses.
(USA) Brown University
Number Theory/Arithmetic Geometry Seminar. Members, meetings.
(USA) Southwestern Center for Arithmetical Algebraic Geometry
Based at the University of Arizona, in collaboration with the Universities of New Mexico, Southern California, and Texas. Annual conference.
(USA) University of California, Santa Barbara
Arithmetic and Geometry Seminar. Meetings.
(USA) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Number Theory faculty, visitors, meetings, courses, events.
(USA) University of Rochester
Algebra and Number Theory Group. Members, research interests, seminar schedule.
(USA) University of South Carolina
Number Theory Group. Members, research interests, courses, links.
(USA) University of Texas
Number Theory Group. Members, meetings, software.
(USA)University of Michigan
Graduate Program in Number Theory. Staff, research interests, courses, seminars.
Number Theory Centres
Listed in the Number Theory Web.
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