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The Prime Pages
Prime number research, records and resources. Includes largest known primes, finding and proving primes, glossary, curios, links.
The Prime Puzzles & Problems Connection
Carlos Rivera's collection of problems and puzzles related to prime numbers.
Animation of Eratosthenes' Prime Sieve
An interactive animation of the sieve of Eratosthenes to obtain prime numbers (JavaScript required).
Applets for Prime Numbers
Factorization and weights of Proth coefficients.
Are the Prime Numbers Randomly Distributed?
Web article by Johan G. van der Galiën. Shows that smaller starting digits are more common for primes below 10^9.
Ask Dr. Math FAQ: Prime Numbers
Archived questions and answers at different levels.
Entropy and Prime Numbers
Entropy of a nonnegative adjacency matrix related to prime numbers.
Gebhard Glöggler
Makes a statement about the number of primes between the squares of odd numbers, and provides a proof of Goldbach's conjecture.
Generalized Fermat Prime Search
Software, results and other resources.
Generalized Woodall Numbers
An organized search for primes of the form n*b^n-1.
Introduction to Twin Primes and Brun's Constant
An article by Pascal Sebah with the results of computation of the twin primes up to 5.10^15.
Introductory Prime Number Theory Resources
Notes and links compiled by Mark Watkins on the relation of the Riemann zeta function to the distribution of prime numbers.
K-Tuple Permissible Patterns
Findings using an exhaustive search by Thomas J Engelsma.
MacTutor History of Mathematics: Prime Numbers
Includes biographies on many mathematicians.
MathWorld: Prime Numbers
Index to hundreds of prime-related articles in Eric Weisstein's MathWorld.
Natural Numbers
Provides a collection of tools and interesting pages for testing, visualizing, and understanding natural numbers.
The Nine and Ten Primes Project
The discovery of nine and finally ten consecutive primes in arithmetic progression.
Notes and Literature on Prime Numbers
With applets to demonstrate properties of primes.
Number Spiral
Explains this method of visually representing the distribution of primes and the relationships between factors and products.
Introductory text on the theory of prime numbers and number fields. Contains proofs of some important theorems including the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. [PDF]
Prime k-tuplets
Tony Forbes' extensive collection of special types of prime clusters.
The Prime Machine
Explore interactively the Goldbach conjecture, the distribution of prime twins, the prime number theorem.
Prime Numbers and Factoring
Links and references related to primes and factoring.
Prime Numbers Generator and Checker
Enter a natural number, check it and find the nearest prime.
Prime Numbers List
Browse all prime numbers of less than 10 digits. A prime number checker facility is also included.
Riesel Prime Database
The "Riesel Prime Search" project is searching for primes of the form k·2^n-1, odd k.
Some Prime Numbers
Sieves and factoring for small numbers. Download primes below 8 billion.
Thomas R. Nicely
Includes twin prime counts, tables of first occurrence prime gaps, papers.
Visualizing the Distribution of Prime Numbers
Investigation into patterns in the distribution of the primes by visualizing them.
Wikipedia: Prime Numbers
Index to many prime-related articles.
World of Numbers: World of Palindromic Primes
Records, statistics, curios and puzzles about primes reading the same backwards. Compiled by Patrick De Geest.

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