Bach, Eric
University of Wisconsin. Theoretical computer science and computational number theory. Recent publications and research summary.
Bachoc, Christine
Université de Bordeaux. Number theory, theory of Lattices, coding theory, and combinatorics. Publications, teaching, events.
Bailey, David
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Experimental mathematics and scientific computing. Research papers, photos, and links.
Baker, Andrew
University of Glasgow. Algebraic topology. Publications, preprints, course information, and mathematical links.
Baker, Matt
University of Georgia. Research papers, curriculum vitae, and mathematical links.
Baker, Roger
Brigham Young University. Collected works of Bernhard Riemann.
Baldassarri, Francesco
Université Louis Pasteur. Arithmetic algebraic geometry. Curriculum vitae, list of publications with some preprints.
Ballantine, Cristina
College of the Holy Cross. Number Theory, representation theory, automorphic forms, and algebraic combinatorics. Curriculum vitae and publications.
Balog, Antal
Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Analytic number theory, distribution of prime numbers, and sieve methods. Curriculum vitae and list of publications.
Banks, William
University of Missouri. Contact information and curriculum vitae.
Bars, Francesc
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Elliptic curves, Tamagawa numbers. Papers, preprints, thesis. English/Catalan.
Baxa, Christoph
University of Vienna. Number theory. Curriculum vitae and publications.
Bayer-Fluckiger, Eva
Ecole Polytechnique Federale, Lausanne. Arithmetic geometry. Curriculum and publications.
Beckmann-Kazez, Sybilla
University of Georgia. Number theory. Contact information.
Benedetto, Robert
Boston University. Number theory and dynamics. List of papers includes abstracts and dvi files, abbreviated Curriculum Vitae.
Bennett, Mike
University of British Columbia. Number theory, diophantine approximation, and classical analysis. Curriculum vitae and publication list with downloadable papers.
Berend, Daniel
Ben-Gurion University. Number theory and ergodic theory. Publications and course information.
Bergelson, Vitaly
Ohio State Universiemsty. Combinatorics, ergodic theory. Publications.
Berndt, Bruce
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Number theory, Ramanujan's notebooks, partitions.
Besser, Amnon
Ben Gurion University. Number theory, algebraic cycles, algebraic K-theory and arithmetic geometry. Research, publications, course information, and links.
Beukers, Frits
Utrecht University. Number theory. Seminars, recent preprints/papers, and mathematical links.
Bilu, Yuri
University of Bordeaux I. Number theory. Publications, genealogy, links, and pictures.
Birò, András
Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Analytic Number Theory, automorphic forms, and diophantine approximation. Curriculum vitae and list of publications
Blasius, Don
University of California at Los Angeles. Number theory, arithmetic geometry and automorphic forms. Recent papers, courses, and links.
Blomer, Valentin
University of Toronto. Analytic number theory, in particular the theory of quadratic forms and L-functions. Publications.
Boca, Florin
University of Illinois. List of publications and conference links.
Borcherds, Richard E.
Berkeley. Quantum algebra and number theory. Preprints, lecture notes, tables of lattices and modular forms. Fields medallist, 1998.
Borwein, Peter
Simon Fraser University. Experimental mathematics and number theory. Preprints, publications.
Bosma, Wieb
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Computer algebra and number theory. Research, publications, and past activities.
Boston, Nigel
University of Wisconsin, Madison. Algebraic number theory, group theory, arithmetic geometry, computational algebra, coding theory, cryptography, and other applications of algebra to electrical engineering. Preprints, students, resources.
Bradley, David
University of Maine. Analysis and number theory. Talks, publications and teaching.
Bratu, Nicolae
Craiova University, Romania. Diophantine problems, especially representability by sums of squares.
Bressoud, David
Macalester College. Number theory and combinatorics. Book list, course information, and links.
Breuer, Florian
Université Paris. Elliptic curves, Drinfeld modules, Modular curves and other arithmetic moduli spaces; Ducci Sequences. Publications, background information, photos, and curriculum vitae.
Broughan, Kevin
University of Waikato. Number theory. Teaching, research, and mathematical links.
Brown, Ezra
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Number theory. Research papers and mathematical links.
Browning, Tim
Bristol University. Rational points on algebraic varieties. Thesis and papers.
Brubaker, Ben
Stanford University. Analytic number theory, automorphic forms. Publications.
Bruin, Nils
Simon Fraser University. Number theory and computer. List of publications, awards, and software.
Bruinier, Jan
Universität zu Köln. Automorphic forms, number theory, and algebraic geometry. Research papers, preprints, and links.
Buchholz, Ralph
Research papers in downloadable files.
Budden, Mark
Armstrong Atlantic State University. Algebraic Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Representation Theory. Publications.
Bugeaud, Yann
Institut universitaire de France.
Buium, Alexandru
University of New Mexico. Number theory. Publications, curriculum vitae, and mathematical links.
Bulant, Michal
Masaryk University. Algebraic and computational number theory; symbolic computing. Papers, texts, resources.
Bump, Dan
Stanford University. Automorphic forms, representation theory, and number theory. Lecture notes, publications, and links.
Burger, Edward
Williams College. Number theory. Publications, lectures, books, and related links.
Burnol, Jean-François
Université Lille. Number theory. Publications and research papers.
Burns, David
King's College London. Number theory. Publications and preprints, recent and current Ph.D. students.
Bushnell, Colin
King's College London. Number theory and the representation theory of p-adic groups. Publications and preprints.
Buzzard, Kevin
Imperial College in London. Research, notes, and links.
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