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Abel Prize Winners
Awarded annually since 2003 to one or more outstanding mathematicians. Citations and links to biographies.
Australian Mathematical Society Membership Directory
The 2006 Edition of the Society's Administrative Directory.
Canadian Mathematical Society Membership Directory
Listings by name, location, and fields of interest. Also includes search function.
Chronological List of Mathematicians
A list of all of the important mathematicians working in a given century.
CML Search
Combined Membership List for the AMS, MAA, SIAM, AMATYC, AWM and CMS. Includes almost all North American mathematicians.
Electronic World Directory of Mathematicians (EWDM)
A project of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) to create a searchable directory of mathematicians' home pages.
EMS Directory of Individual Members
Searchable directory of individual members of the European Mathematical Society who have permitted the publication of their data.
Erdös Number Project
Research into the collaboration graph centered around mathematician Paul Erdös.
Fields Medal Winners
Awarded to mathematicians not over 40 years of age for outstanding discoveries in Mathematics. Links to the biographies.
Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps
High-quality scans of postage stamps from around the world picturing famous mathematicians.
Indexes of Biographies
Biographies of famous mathematicians, indexed alphabetically and chronologically. Part of MacTutor History of Mathematics archive.
MacTutor History of Mathematics
Biographies of mathematicians.
Math Reviews Author Database
Searchable: requires subscription.
Mathematician Biography Index
Brief biographies for virtually every important mathematician in history.
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
African American Mathematicians.
Mathematicians of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Accounts of their lives and works, adapted from "A Short Account of the History of Mathematics" by W. W. Rouse Ball.
Mathematics Genealogy Project
Searchable database of mathematics doctorates by advisor, school, year, thesis title, and thesis topic.
Some biographical sketches of mathematicians, ancient and modern.
Oberwolfach Photo Collection
Photographs of Mathematicians from all over the world.
Structure Theorists
Email directory of logicians, algebraists, and programming linguists working primarily on structural problems in mathematics and computer science.
Wolf Prize Recipients in Mathematics
Citations for the prize-winners.
Women in Math Project
Biographies, bibliographies, a search engine, information and links to journals, newsletters, and catalogs on or of interest to women in mathematics.
Women Mathematicians, Sponsored by Agnes Scott College
Biographies to illustrate the achievements of women in the field of mathematics.
World Directory / Estonia
The data submitted by the Estonian Mathematical Society to the World Directory of Mathematicians.
WWW VL: Addresses
A list of collections of mathematicians' addresses, by subject or institution. Part of the Mathematics WWW Virtual Library.

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