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Aczel, Peter
University of Manchester - Philosophy and foundations of mathematics and computing, mathematical logic, categorical logic.
Andrews, Peter B.
Carnegie Mellon University - Type theory, automated theorem proving.
Avigad, Jeremy
Carnegie Mellon University - Proof theory, constructive mathematics, proof complexity, the history and philosophy of mathematics.
Awodey, Steve
Carnegie Mellon University - Category theory, logic, history and philosophy of mathematics and logic.
Baldwin, John T.
University of Illinois, Chicago - Model theory (finite and infinite).
Barendregt, Henk
Radboud University Nijmegen - Lambda calculus, type theory and formalising mathematical vernacular.
Beklemishev, Lev
Utrecht University and Steklov Mathematical Institute of Moscow - Proof theory, modal logics.
Blass, Andreas R.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Set theory, finite combinatorics, theoretical computer science.
Buechler, Steven
University of Notre Dame - Model theory.
Burris, Stanley
University of Waterloo - Universal algebra, logic, computers.
Buss, Samuel R.
University of California, San Diego - Proof theory, computational complexity.
Cummings, James
Carnegie Mellon University - Set theory.
Darnière, Luck
University of Angers, France - Model theory.
Ebbinghaus, Heinz-Dieter
University of Freiburg - Finite model theory.
Feferman, Solomon
Stanford University - Proof theory,theory of computation, foundations of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics, history of modern logic.
Fitting, Melvin
City University of New York - Logic in computer science, mathematics, philosophy.
Flum, Jörg
University of Freiburg - Finite model theory.
Forster, T. E.
University of Cambridge - Set theory, type theory.
Friedman, Sy D.
University of Vienna - Set theory.
Gerla, Giangiacomo
University of Salerno, Italy - Fuzzy logic, percentage logic, pointless geometry.
Goldstern, Martin
University of Technology, Vienna - Set theory.
Grossberg, Rami
Carnegie Mellon University - Model theory.
Guglielmi, Alessio
Technische Universitaet Dresden - Proof Theory.
Herwig, Bernhard
University of Freiburg - Model theory.
Hjorth, Greg
UCLA - Descriptive set theory, countable models, definable equivalence relations.
Hodges, Wilfrid
University of London - Model theory.
Holmes, Randall
Boise State University - Set theory: New Foundations, automated theorem proving.
Howard, Paul
Eastern Michigan University - Axiom of choice.
Hustadt, Ullrich
University of Liverpool - Resolution-based and tableaux-based decision procedures for decidable fragments of first-order logic.
Hyland, J. Martin E.
University of Cambridge - Categorical logic, game semantics and logic in computer science.
Japaridze, Giorgi
Villanova University - computability logic, game semantics, provability logic.
Jech, Thomas
Pennsylvania State University - Set theory.
Jockusch, Carl G.
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign - Recursion theory.
Junker, Markus
University of Freiburg - Model theory.
Kaiser, Klaus
University of Houston - Mathematical logic, universal algebra, lattice theory and logic programming.
Kanamori, Akihiro
Boston University - Set theory.
Kaye, Richard
University of Birmingham - Model theory.
Kechris, Alexander S.
Caltech - Foundations of mathematics, mathematical logic and set theory, interactions with analysis.
Kunen, Kenneth
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Set theory.
Lafont, Yves
University of Marseille II - Linear logic, lambda calculus, proof theory, term rewriting. Lafont invented the theory of interaction nets, an elegant theory of graph rewriting.
Lakemeyer, Gerhard
Aachen University of Technology - Knowledge-based systems.
Larson, Jean A.
University of Florida - Set theory, combinatorics.
Leivant, Daniel
Indiana University - Computational complexity.
Lempp, Steffen
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Computability, recursion theory.
Levesque, Hector
University of Toronto - Knowledge representation.
Lindell, Steven
Haverford College - Finite model theory, descriptive complexity.
Luo, Zhaohui
University of London, UK - Type theory, theoretical computer science and semantics of natural languages.
Makowsky, Johann (Janos) A.
Technion, Israel - Logic in computer science, finite model theory.
Marcos, João
Rio Grande do Norte Federal University, Brazil - Philosophical logic, paraconsistent, many-valued and modal logics.
Marker, David
University of Illinois, Chicago - Model theory.
Matiyasevich, Yuri
Steklov Institute, St. Petersburg - Algorithmical number theory.
Miller, Dale
INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France - Linear logic, proof search, automated reasoning, and declarative programming languages.
Moschovakis, Yiannis N.
UCLA - Set theory, recursion theory.
Moss, Lawrence
Indiana University - Applied logic.
Nelson, Edward
Princeton University - Bounded arithmetic, automated proof verification (QED).
Nerode, Anil
Cornell University - Computability theory, logic in computer science, history of logic.
Ong, C.-H. Luke
Merton College, Oxford - Categorical logic, game semantics, type theory, lambda calculus, semantics of programming languages, and sequentiality.
Ono, Hiroakira
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Nonclassical logic, substructural logics, logic of knowledge and belief, cumulative reasoning.
Parikh, Rohit
Brooklyn College - Reasoning about knowledge, belief revision, game theory, philosophy of language.
Pfenning, Frank
Carnegie Mellon University - Logic and programming languages, logical frameworks, type theory.
Pitts, Andrew
University of Cambridge - Categorical logic, type theory, semantics of programming languages and logic in computer science.
Pollett, Chris
San Jose State University - Logic, bounded arithmetic, computational complexity and quantum computation.
Prest, Mike
University of Manchester - Algebra and model theory.
Rathjen, Michael
University of Leeds - Proof theory.
Regnier, Laurent
University of Marseilles - Linear logic, lambda calculus and abstract machine interpretations.
Robinson, Edmund
Queen Mary and Westfield College - Categorical logic and the semantics of programming languages and type theories.
Rubin, Jean E.
Purdue University - Set theory, axiom of choice.
Scedrov, Andre
University of Pennsylvania - Logic in computer science, linear logic.
Schmidt, Renate
University of Manchester - Modal logic, resolution theorem proving, resolution decision problems, relation algebras, Peirce algebras and knowledge representation.
Scott, Dana
Carnegie Mellon University - Model theory, set theory, foundations of logic and mathematics, symbolic mathematical computation.
Shore, Richard A.
Cornell University - Recursion theory.
Sieg, Wilfried
Carnegie Mellon University - Proof theory, philosophy of mathematics, history of 19th and 20th century logic and mathematics.
Simpson, George
Penn State University - Foundations of mathematics and logic.
Slaman, Theodore A.
University of California, Berkeley - Recursion theory.
Soare, Robert I.
University of Chicago - Recursion theory.
Solovay, Robert M.
University of California, Berkeley - Proof theory.
Van Benthem, Johan
University of Amsterdam and Stanford University - Modal logic and a wide range of other areas in logic.
Vereshchagin, Nikolai
Moscow State University - Theory of computation, Intuitionistic logic
Vickers, Steven
University of Birmingham, UK - Geometric logic, topos theory, quantales and semantics of programming languages.
Wansing, Heinrich
Ruhr University Bochum - Philosophical logic, modal logic, non-classical logic and epistemology
Welch, Philip
University of Bristol - Set theory, inner models, descriptive set theory.
Zach, Richard
University of Calgary - Non-classical logics, proof theory, philosophy of mathematics, history and philosophy of logic.
Ziegler, Martin
University of Freiburg - Model theory.
Zilber, Boris
University of Oxford - Model theory.
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