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Leonhard Euler was one of the first mathematicians to use the term "functions" and Greek alphabet letters to represent some well-known constants such as π or pi.

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The Euler Archive
An online resource for Leonhard Euler's original works and modern Euler scholarship: to help make available in English some of the works of the great Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783).
Euler Foundation
This organization was formed by Saint-Petersburg mathematicians including A.M. Vershik, S.V. Vostokov, I.A. Ibragimov and L.D. Faddeev, with the goal of giving support to scientists, namely young mathematicians.
Euler International Mathematical Institute
The main purpose of the Euler Institute is to serve as a meeting place for leading scientists of the former Soviet Union and their foreign colleagues. The activity of the Euler Institute consists in the organization and running of scientific programs, conferences and workshops on concrete mathematical problems of fundamental importance for mathematics and its applications.
Euler, Leonhard (1707-1783)
Describes the mathematician's contribution to number theory and other findings and his introduction of letters from the Greek alphabet as symbols.
Leonard Euler and Modern Combinatories
This International Conference was held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia from June 1 to June 7, 2007.
Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)
Biography and Works of the Basel born mathematician, from the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive.
Leonhard Euler (pronounced oiler) 1707-1783
Describes the mathematician's early upbringing, schooling, first published materials, visual impairments, and his work with series functions.
Leonhard Euler Festival
This festival is being held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, from 10 to 12 June, 2007.
The Leonhard Euler Tercentenary - Basel 2007
The Leonhard Euler Tercentenary in Basel (Switzerland) in 2007: Celebration, Lectures, Exhibition, Symposium

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