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Designed to "illuminate" the new NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
AAA Math
Math topics with interactive practice, explanations and challenge games for each.
abcteach Math Extras
Printable Free hands-on activities, patterns and grids to help teach math concepts for K-6.
Academy 123
Program allows students to see textbook solutions that have been written with the teacher's hand writing and voice recordings. Page includes sample views. Free and paid membership available.
AIM: Alice Interactive Mathematics
A system to administer graded tests using Maple and the Web.
BEAM: Be a Mathematician
A mathematics development project for nursery, primary, special and lower secondary teachers.
California Math Show
A portable, interactive math exhibit based on the idea of symmetry. Currently plans are being made to take the show to shopping malls, and to mount a replica of the show as a permanent exhibit at the future Riverside Youth Museum.
Cancer and Mathematics
On-line activities involving Cancer, Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, and Geometry. Java required.
CASIO Worldwide Education Web
The mathematics class in which CASIO uses the graph electronic calculator is introduced.
The Concept and Teaching of Mathematical Place Value
An explanation, using the concept of mathematical "place value", of how to teach material based on analyzing its logical and conceptual structure.
Creative Gr. 3-9 Math Learning/Teaching Resources
Creative math methods and activities for teachers, homeschoolers, and concerned parents (especially grades 3-9). Learning styles, NCTM Standards, teaching strategies; over 90 thoughtful, real-life activities.
Escher in the Classroom
Describes several Escher-based activities used by the author with middle school children to promote mathematics as a study of patterns.
Free Blank Graph Downloads
Collection of graphs, grids, and number lines for educational or personal use.
Fun Brain
Flash-based games that improve math skills.
Fun classroom games for teaching maths to elementary school children.
Homeschool Math
Free resources for teachers and homeschooling parents. Site has a worksheet generator, an electronic math textbook for grades 1-5, a math resources list that emphasizes interactive content and games, curriculum corner, and math teaching section.
Innovations in Mathematics Courses
A list of some of the innovations in Mathematics teaching in Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom.
The goals of this site are the creation, collection, evaluation, and dissemination of java-based courseware for middle school mathematics explorations.
KryssTal : Mathematics
Essays on mathematical topics including Pascal's Triangle, the Binomial Theorem, number theory, and the stories behind selected formulas.
Leading Educational Resources
Teaching resources for maths students aged 11 to 15 including Mathattack topic-based homework packages, Mathact Activity Books and low cost Master Maths textbooks. Sample pages available for free download.
Making Mathematics: Mentored Research Projects for Young Mathematicians
A site for students (gr. 6-12) and teachers to find challenging mathematics projects and sign up of free mentoring on their project. [Project ended in 2002, but the site maintains archives of materials used.]
Materials For Math Educators
Quality lesson plans, classroom activities and educational resources for math teachers
Math and the Movies
Site devoted to offering fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities in high school (and college level) mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers.
Math Central: a K-12 math education website
Teaching resources, lesson plans for K-12 Canadian mathematics teachers, a question and answer service, and a mailing list for teachers.
Math Forum Discussion: Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)
Archives of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators discussion list.
Math Forum Discussion: geometry-college
Geometry professors and instructors may keep abreast of issues in their profession at the geometry-college discussion list.
Math Forum Discussion: geometry-pre-college
Discussions for K-12 geometry teachers.
Math Forum Discussion: k12.ed.math
K-12 teachers of math may find helpful input at the K12.ed.math discussion list.
Math Forum Discussion: math-teach (formerly nctm-l)
Math instructors interested in education reform may find helpful input at the math-teach (formerly NCTM-L) discussion list.
Math Forum Discussion: NCTM Standards 2000
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards 2000 project discussion group.
Math Forum Discussions: math.teaching.styles
Math instructors interested in maintaining the highest quality of education may find helpful input at math.teaching.styles discussion list.
Math Forum Discussions: sci.math
Instructors of general and advanced mathematics will find others who share their interests at the sci.math discussion list.
The Math Forum Teachers' Place
Resources for teaching math at all levels.
The Math Forum's K-12 Geometry
Includes classroom materials for teachers and students, software, interactive classroom exercises, internet projects, online resources, and related public forums.
Math Forum: Teacher2Teacher
A question and answer service for teachers and parents who have questions about teaching math. T2T offers an archive of answers, pages of public discussions, and a form for submitting questions.
Math Number Puzzles
200 Math Number Puzzles, including arithmetic, rounding, fractions, decimals, algebra, multiplication, ratios, word problems, and order of operations.
Math online
Includes word problems, online games, and interactive quizzes.
The Math Projects Journal
A bimonthly publication offering tips and lesson plans for interactive math projects, discussions on relevant topics, and contributions from around the world. A free issue is available, and subscriptions are available in electronic or hardcopy format.
Math Squad: Create a Math Adventure
Using art, writing, journals, research, computers, and the internet to make math class an exciting adventure. Includes free downloads and information about the members.
Mathematical Sciences Digital Library
Online resources for both teachers and students of collegiate mathematics.
Maths online
Multimedia learning units on mathematical subjects (Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Limiting processes, Derivatives and other more advanced topics) for secondary school, highschool, college, and university
Maths Posters
Fantasy and real life posters designed for senior maths classes.
A collection of resources for schools
Based on a popular British television program, this web site for students age 7-10 provides an interactive way to learn and practice multiplication tables. Games, hints, and teaching suggestions are included. Visitors don't have to be familiar with the television series to enjoy and benefit from the site.
Meikleriggs' Mathematics
Resources for teachers and students.
Millennium Mathematics Project
A project to give support to mathematics education, and to make people of all ages and abilities more aware of the contribution of maths and its applications to their everyday lives
Real-time video-conferencing for schools to allow projects to shared between schools and communication with mathematic professionals.
Numeracy Software
Free resources to support maths teaching in schools - news, links and free downloads.
Educational site, including Escher-like tessellations, 3D Polyhedral Papercraft Models of the 5 Platonic Solids, 3D images and educational goods
PBS Math
For teachers of grades K-12. Each month, Mathline features a specific math topic, with an in-depth article, links to related resources, and daily facts related to the topic. PBS Mathline also offers an extensive professional development program.
Problems with a Point
Help students in grades 6-12 learn new mathematical ideas by building on old ones.
Project 2061 - Math Curriculum Materials Reports
AAAS evaluation of the content and effectiveness of mathematics textbooks and related curriculum materials for middle school math.
Project Mathematics
Videotape-and-workbook modules that explore basic topics in high school mathematics in ways that cannot be done at the chalkboard or in a textbook.
Pure Maths Notes
Revision notes for A level students provided by Mike Cook.
Math instructors interested in incorporating multimedia technologies in the classroom may find helpful input at discussion list.
SGBox Library
SGBox offers free math worksheets, similes quizzes, synonyms quizzes, Aesop's fables, study skills and tips, irregular verbs, information and news about Singapore Math and Science curriculum and Singapore education system
Suzanne's Math Lessons
Teaching modules and resources on a variety of topics.
Teaching With Original Historical Sources in Mathematics
Provides tips and reasons for providing historical math background to students in high school and beyond. Page includes discussion ideas, curriculum suggestions, and links to book publications. From the New Mexico State University.
TMW Media Group
Educational videos for K-12, including a thirty-volume Basic Math series, Algebra series and Geometry series.
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