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Bach, Dan - Math@Home
Community college math instructor. Also textbook, web, and multimedia author. Free math lessons, a weekly contest problem, and free tutoring by e-mail.
Bill Towne's Web Page
Includes practice for the Minnesota Basic Standards Test in Mathematics.
Brian Taylor's Home Page
Mathematics teacher in Vancouver.
Chris Fenwick
Contains research addressing issues in reading-to-learn mathematics, self-organised learning of mathematics and phenomenological perspectives on learning mathematics. Also contains math notes.
Education WA
Personal site detailing reflections of a senior school mathematics teacher from .Western Australia
Further Maths WJEC Mathematics
Wiki collaboration page overseen by Steph Richards at Hawthorn High School- it deals mainly with the WJEC standard and further maths.
Henri Picciotto's Mathematics Education Page
Articles on mathematics curriculum and pedagogy by Henri Picciotto, a math teacher, curriculum developer, and consultant. Many sample activities, with an emphasis on manipulative and technological tools.
John R. Steel
University of California at Berkley. Set theory course notes and online preprints.
Karadimos, Mark : math and science teacher
Dedicated to serving the mathematical needs of students, parents, teachers and community members on a global scale.
A Level Mathematics Resource Site
Site by Singaporean teacher which includes personally written summaries, solved problem sets and examination advice, all made freely available to the A level Math student.
Math Ed Blog
Professor Bruce Yoshiwara's site discussing geometry, calculus,statistics and technology in mathematics.
Mathematical Image Processing by Christoph Brune.
Applied Mathematics especially mathematical image processing and computer sciences by Christoph Brune.
Mathematical Modeling II with Calculus BC
Polytechnic School's highest level mathematics class.
Miss Reynolds Homepage
Biography, class content, and parent and student resources, including practice math problems that students can do online. Intended for 3rd through 5th grade.
Mr. Leckie
Math class at Sonora High School in La Habra, CA. Syllabus, worksheets, solutions and related links.
White Group Mathematics
Caters to A level maths learning-detailed advice/recommendations, question locker vaults with fully worked problems. Early college material also available. By Frederick Koh.
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