Sites concerned with the popularisation of mathematics and activities outside a formal educational framework.

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Committee for Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics (RPA)
A committee of the European Mathematical Society. Members, articles.
Holgate Lectures for Schools and Colleges
In 1997 the London Mathematical Society extended its provision of lectures at a popular level suitable for those in the 15 to 18 age group who may be considering mathematics for future study. The lectures are called Holgate Lectures in memory of Philip Holgate, who helped ensure the success of the Popular Lecture series.
A travelling exhibition "Experiencing mathematics!" designed to show that mathematics is: astonishing, interesting and useful; accessible to everyone; plays a large part in daily life; and has an important role in our culture, development and progress.
Maths Busking
A network of Maths Busking performers and a business delivering training, school and entertainment services. UK based. Description and contact info.
Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP)
A national (UK) initiative based in Cambridge. Its broad goal is to help people of all ages and abilities share in the excitement of mathematics and understand the enormous range and importance of its applications to science and commerce. It aims to change people's attitudes to mathematics, to act as a national focus for renewing and improving appreciation of the dynamic importance of mathematics and its applications, and to demonstrate the vital contribution of mathematics to shaping the everyday world.
NRICH Online Maths Club
Monthly on-line magazine, puzzles, articles, children's solutions to mathematical challenges, answering service and special interest discussion groups.
PASS - Public Awareness and Schools Support for Mathematics
Online mathematics magazine covering a variety of math topics, published by the University of Cambridge.
Posters in the London Underground
A sequence of posters designed at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences displayed month by month in London Underground trains during World Mathematical Year 2000.
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