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American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC)
Concerned with the quality of curriculum, professional training and student learning. Includes contact information, meetings, workshops, committees, publications, as well as affiliate links.
African Mathematical Union Commission on Mathematics Education in Africa.
Association for Mathematical Didactics
German society for mathematical didactics. Contact details, publications and links. [German, English]
Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
A non-profit organization created to promote the improvement of mathematics teacher education in all its aspects. Based at the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education, San Diego State University.
Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Aims to support the teaching and learning of mathematics by encouraging increased understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.
Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT)
Group activities, membership details, announcements, events, and special materials for teachers.
British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics
For researchers into better teaching methods in the field. Includes publications, meetings, resources.
Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Purpose of group is to help in the advance of learning and teaching of mathematics, science, and technology so that students of all ages can thrive in a technological world. Services includes educational modules and school scholarships. Located at Illinois State University.
Clay Mathematics Institute
Sponsors events for talented high school students, professional symposia, and diseminating new research news in the field. Includes goals and details of ongoing projects. Located in Cambridge, MA.
Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP)
A non-profit organization, whose mission is to improve mathematics education for students of all ages.
Hawaii Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Contact information, newsletters, meetings.
The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)
A commission of the International Mathematical Union (IMU), charged with the conduct of the activities of IMU bearing on mathematical or scientific education. ICMI takes the initiative in inaugurating appropriate programmes designed to further the sound development of mathematical education at all levels, and to secure public appreciation of its importance.
International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education
Promotes international contacts and the exchange of scientific information in the psychology of mathematics education. Organization details, guidelines and latest news.
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance(MMSA)
A non-profit partnership of educational, business, research, and community leaders
Mathematical Association of America
(MAA) invites members and non-members alike interested in collegiate mathematics to peruse its site.
Mathematics in Education and Industry
An independent UK curriculum development body. Diary, curriculum, teaching, information.
Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Resources for information and communication concerning: - Upcoming Conferences and Events - MCTM Organizational Information - Internet Resources for Mathematics
National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges (NANAMIC)
An association of further education, tertiary and sixth form colleges in the UK. Aims to assist members in developing quality in all aspects of their work in mathematics and numeracy. Newsletters and details of activities and events.
National Association of Maths Advisers
Aims to ensure that inspection, advice and support, individually and collectively, make an effective contribution to mathematics education in the UK.
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)
Promotes the development of math education leaders, on an international scale, by sharing information about current research, trends, professional training, and recognition of professionals within the field. Page includes list of publications, meeting schedule, and membership information.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association
The mission of the Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association is to promote and facilitate communication among individuals with an interest in mathematics education in the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of the Province of Ontario.
Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
The website for the professional organization of math teachers in the state of Oregon.
Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Dedicated to providing the best mathematics education possible at all levels in the Keystone State.
Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT)
Professional development activities, professional and student journals, and competitions for students.
Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association
Promotes active interest in mathematics, opportunities for math teachers to exchange ideas. Educational frameworks, details of awards and grants.
Scottish Mathematical Council (SMC)
The main objectives of the Council are to foster and improve mathematical education at all levels, and to encourage the advancement and application of mathematics throughout Scotland. Among other activities, the SMC publishes an annual Journal and organises school-level competitions.
T3 Worldwide
Teachers Teaching with Technology in Mathematics and Science
The Tennessee Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
The official Tennessee affiliate of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Conference details, newsletters, and membership information.
UK Mathematics Trust
Organises national mathematics competitions in the United Kingdom for 11-18 year old school pupils. Includes sponsoring some contests for the training of the country's International Mathematical Olympiad team. Lists times and dates.
Women And Mathematics Network
A consortium of Program Directors of outreach programs in mathematics for women and girls. Meetings and resources.
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