Science Math Combinatorics Design Theory
Designs and configurations, as a branch of Combinatorics. MSC classification 05Bxx.

Subcategories 3

Blocks and Design Applet
Fractional factorial design generator by Marko Boon.
Caps in Finite Geometries
Tables and examples in PG(k-1,q) by Yves Edel.
Design Resources
Links to resources for design theory maintained by Peter Cameron.
Design Theory Lecture Notes on the Web
Links compiled by Peter Cameron.
Design Theory Resource Server
A research project founded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Project OGR
Describes the computerized effort to prove that the known shortest Golomb rulers (up to 25 marks) are really the shortest, or else find the actual shortest ones.
Golomb Rulers
Table of lengths of shortest known Golomb rulers, counts of optimal and near-optimal rulers, and some Fortran programs for dealing with Golomb rulers.
Golomb Rulers
Specification of the problem, research report, references, a solver program and some results.
Hadamard Matrices
A library of Hadamard matrices maintained by N. J. A. Sloane.
The Hadamard Maximal Determinant Problem
List of known {-1,1}-matrices with largest determinant and D-optimal designs.
Handbook of Combinatorial Designs
Home page for The CRC Handbook of Combinatorial Designs.
La Jolla Covering Repository
A database of good covering designs constructed by Dan Gordon.
Library of D-optimal Designs
Compiled by Jennifer Seberry.
Library of SBIBD
Compiled by Jennifer Seberry.
Mathworld - Golomb Ruler
Description and theory, with references to additional reading.
Orthogonal Arrays
Lists of orthogonal arrays, difference schemes and experimental design tools maintained by Warren F. Kuhfeld.
Orthogonal Arrays
A library of over 200 orthogonal arrays maintained by N. J. A. Sloane.
Orthogonal Arrays and Covering Arrays
Construction using permutation groups, by George Sherwood.
SOMA Update
Leonard Soicher reports on new SOMAs, which are generalisations of mutually orthogonal Latin squares.
Some Constant Weight Codes
As orbits of AG(2,q), PSL(2,2^f) and PGammaL(2,2^f) by Yves Edel.
Ted Spence's Home Page
Classification of Hadamard matrices and designs.
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