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Acta Applicandae Mathematicae
(Springer) An International Survey Journal on Applying Mathematics and Mathematical Applications. Tables of contents and abstracts online. Full text to subscribers.
Advances in Applied Mathematics
(Academic Press) Contents from vol.14 (1993). Full text to subscribers.
Advances in Decision Sciences
Contents, abstracts. Full text on subscription.
ANZIAM Journal
Formerly the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (Series B)- Applied Mathematics. Full text to subscribers.
Applicationes Mathematicae
Contents, abstracts, some text from 1998.
Applications of Mathematics
(Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) Tables of contents and abstracts from vol.41 (1996).
Applied Mathematical Modelling
A monthly publication focusing on research related to the mathematical modelling of engineering and environmental processes, manufacturing, and industrial systems. Tables of contents from vol.19 (1995). Full text to subscribers.
Applied Mathematics and Optimization
Journal primarily devoted to publishing papers which treat problems in applied areas. Tables of contents from vol.33 (1996) on. Full text to subscribers.
Applied Mathematics E-Notes
Refereed electronic-only journal, full text free for private study and research.
Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly
Publishes original research articles related to the applications of mathematics. Online archive with abstracts. Full text for subscribers only.
Communications in Information and Systems
(International Press) Contact information.
Communications in Mathematical Sciences
(International Press) Research articles, review and expository papers, and fast communications on mathematical modelings, applied and stochastic analyses and numerical computations on problems that arise in physical, biological, engineering and financial applications. Full text in PS and PDF.
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory
Publishes interdisciplinary research that combines computation, organizations and society. Abstracts and contents of all volumes. Full text to subscribers.
Discrete Applied Mathematics
Aims to bring together research papers in different areas of algorithmic and applicable discrete mathematics as well as applications of combinatorial mathematics to informatics and various areas of science and technology. Full text by subscription.
Reviews in applied mathematics and mechanics. English and German. Contact information.
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics
(IMA/OUP) Contents, abstracts from vol.56 (1996).
IMA Journal of Management Mathematics
(IMA/OUP) Contents, abstracts from vol.7 (1996).
(Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences) Simulation and optimization, recognition and control, programming theory and systems, automation systems and elements. Tables of contents and abstracts of all volumes.
Information and Computation
Editor's site. Contents from vol.1 (1957), recent abstracts.
Interfaces and Free Boundaries
(EMS) Mathematical modelling, analysis and computation of interfaces and free boundary problems. Full text online to subscribers.
Journal of Applied Mathematics
(Hindawi) Online edition with tables of contents, abstracts, and full-text (subscribers only) starting with volume 1, issue 1 in 2001.
Journal of Global Optimization
An international journal dealing with theoretical and computational aspects of seeking global optima and their applications in science, management and engineering. Abstracts and contents from vol.6 (1995). Full text to subscribers.
Journal of Nonlinear Science
(Springer) Tables of contents from vol.6 (1996) on. Full text to subscribers via Springerlink.
Mathematical Medicine and Biology
(IMA/OUP) Publishes original articles with a significant mathematical content addressing topics in medicine and biology. Free sample issue, contents and abstracts, online subscription, and information for authors.
Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
World Scientific. Contents, abstracts from vol.9 (1999). Full text to institutional subscribers only.
Free access to featured articles.
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena
Elsvier journal which publishes papers and review articles reporting experiments, techniques and ideas which advance the understanding of nonlinear phenomena in general. Tables of contents and abstracts on-line; full text to subscribers.
The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics
(OUP) Contents and abstracts from vol.46 (1996). Full text to subscribers.
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