Journals in Mathematical Economics and Financial Mathematics

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Applied Mathematical Finance
(Routledge) Tables of contents of all volumes. Abstracts from vol.4 (1997). Full text to subscribers.
Econometric Theory
CUP. Online text to subscribers.
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
Elsevier Science Journal. Contents and abstracts from vol.9 (1990). Full text to subscribers.
International Game Theory Review
Contents and abstracts from vol.1 no.2 (1999). Text to institutional subscribers.
The International Journal of Game Theory
Publishes original research making significant contributions from a methodological, conceptual or mathematical point of view. Tables of contents and abstracts. Full text to subscribers.
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance
World Scientific. Contents and abstracts of all volumes. Full text to institutional subscribers.
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Provides an outlet for publication of research concerning all theoretical and empirical aspects of economic dynamics and control as well as the development and use of computational methods in economics and finance. Tables of contents with abstracts; full text by subscription.
Journal of Mathematical Economics
Aims to provide a forum for work in economic theory which expresses economic ideas using formal mathematical reasoning. Contents and abstracts from vol.19 (1990). Full text to subscribers only.
Mathematical Finance
A journal published by Blackwells which brings together work on the mathematical aspects of finance theory from such diverse fields as finance, economics, mathematics, and statistics. Contents, abstracts: text to subscribers only.
Quantitative Finance
Features articles that reflect the increasing use of quantitative methods in finance and the growth in practical applications of financial engineering such as asset creation, pricing and risk management. Site also covers new developments such as agent-based modelling and evolutionary game theory.
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
MIT Press. Contents from vol.1 (1996). Full text to subscribers.
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