Academic research groups in Mathematical Biology.

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(Canada) University of British Columbia
Institute of Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology programme. Applying mathematics to immunology, epidemiology, cell biology, electrophysiology, ecology, game theory and evolution.
(Finland) University of Helsinki
Metapopulation Research Group. Projects, people, publications, software, teaching, resources.
(Germany) Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Mathematical Biophysics group. Members, publications. English/German.
(Portugal) Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras
Marie Curie Excellence Team on the epidemiology of recurrent infections in the Theoretical Epidemiology Group. Publications, people, meetings, resources.
(UK) Imperial College London
Department of Bioengineering, Centre for Biological and Medical Systems. Research includes physiological mechanics, biomedical systems and neurotechnology.
(UK) King's College London
Mathematics Department, Mathematical Biology group. Members.
(UK) University of Bath
Centre for Mathematical Biology. Members, research interests.
(UK) University of Cambridge
Cambridge Computational Biology Institute. Details of research and related teaching.
(UK) University of Dundee
MathBiology Research Group. Members of the group and their research, seminars and mathbiology links.
(UK) University of London, University College
Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and EXperimental Biology (CoMPLEX). Seminars, workshops, email list, people.
(UK) University of Nottingham
Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology. News, people, research, publications, meetings and events.
(UK) University of Oxford
Centre for Mathematical Biology. Research Interests: Spatial and spatiotemporal pattern formation; Wound healing; Mathematical Modelling to Improve Cancer Therapy; Analysis of travelling waves and ecological applications; Enzyme kinetics; Individual to Collective Behaviour in Ecology; The dynamics of populations in ecological systems. Site has preprints, meetings, other links.
(UK) University of St Andrews
Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling.
(UK) University of Stirling
Mathematical Biology Research Group. Members, research projects.
(USA) California State University, Los Angeles
Nonlinear Population Dynamics. Research, publications, datasets, graphics.
(USA) National Institutes of Health
Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology (LECB): formerly the Laboratory of Mathematical Biology (LMMB). Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Maryland. Research areas: macromolecular structure and function; membrane structure and function; immunology; phamacokinetics and computational and modeling methodology.
(USA) North Carolina State University
Biomathematics graduate program. Page describes the field of study, faculty, courses and seminars.
(USA) Rice University
Gulf Coast Consortia. Computational, physical and biological science for theory, simulation, and experiment in biological problems. People, press, photos, jobs, library.
(USA) Stanford University
Roughgarden Research Group (Guerrilla Ecology, Ltd). Projects, people.
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