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This category is for site concerned with the mathematical theory of systems and their control.
In engineering and mathematics, control theory deals with the behaviour of dynamical systems over time. The desired output of a system is called the reference variable. When one or more output variables of a system need to show a certain behaviour over time, a controller tries to manipulate the inputs of the system to realize this behaviour at the output of the system.

As an example, consider cruise control. In this case, the system is a car. The goal of cruise control is to keep the car at a constant speed. Here, the output variable of the system is the speed of the car. The primary means to control the speed of the car is the amount of gas being fed into the engine.

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Control Tutorials for Matlab
Tutorials about the control theory and its applications from the University of Michigan, USA. Addresses basics, modelling, controller design, transients and digital control, with animations and source codes.
Bode and Nyquist Using Excel
Explains how spreadsheets can be used to obtain Bode and Nyquist Diagrams, from the University of Michigan, USA. Includes several illustrated examples.
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Design and Analysis of Control Systems Research Laboratory
Department of the University of Massachusetts, USA, concerned with control research. Includes publications, research topics and contact information.
Digital Control Tutorial
Explains the digital control theory and its applications in microprocessor-based controllers. Addresses z-transformation, stability and transient response.
Feedback and Temperature Control
Scientific article about temperature controller. Addresses controller types, algorithms, transient responses and simulations.
Nyquist Stability
Explains the basics of the Nyquist controller stability criteria. Includes diagrams and Bode plots.
PID Controller
Description of the PID control loop. Includes transient diagrams and source codes.
PID Simulator on Spreadsheet
Free PID loop simulator for Excel.
Russian Systems and Control Archive
Information about Russian specialists, groups, institutes, foundations, conferences, journals and books related to systems and control. [English, Russian]
Signals, Systems and Control Demonstrations
Resource of applets and interactive lectures dedicated the control theory from the Johns Hopkins University.
Tuning a PID Controller
Describes the different types of controller. Addresses efficiency and stability aspects.
Wikipedia: Control Engineering
Definition of control engineering. Includes modelling approaches and application fields.
Wikipedia: Control Theory
Comprehensive overview and glossary about the theory. Includes definitions, mathematical aspects, historical background and examples.
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