Internationally acclaimed groups for research in cryptography and related fields.
Cambridge Univ's Computer Security Group
Research Interests: Security Protocols, Formal Methods, Reliability of Security Systems, Medical Information Security, Cryptographic Algorithms, Steganography and Information Hiding, Digital Watermarking, Hardware Security, Electronic Commerce
Centre For Applied Cryptographic Research: University of Waterloo
Interests: Security for Pervasive Computing Environments, Hash Functions, Pseudorandom Sequences, Computational Number Theory, Distributed Cryptographic Protocols, Key Distribution, Cryptographic Computations - Algorithms, Architectures and Fault Tolerance, Quantum Cryptography, Side-Channel Attacks, Copyright Protection
Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography
Kuleuven Univ, Belgium. Interests: Design, evaluation, and implementation of crypto algorithms and protocols, and on the development of security architectures for computer systems and telecom networks. Also theoretical work in crypto algorithms related to discrete mathematics.
Cryptography and Information Security Group at MIT
MIT cryptographic research group founded by Ron Rivest. Projects, publications and theses.
Cryptography at Microsoft
Researching new cryptographic methods and applications. Working with standards bodies to develop security protocols. Providing internal security to Microsoft products.
Dartmouth College (ISTS)
Dartmouth College institute for security and technology studies. Research, faculty, and publication library.
European Network of Excellence for Cryptology: Areas Cryptology and Watermarking. About 31 institutes are collaborated in this joint research project.
Florida State University
Interests: Wireless Security, Privacy, Forensics, Security Protocols.
Horst Görtz Institute for IT-Security
Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany : Cryptographic and security protocols, Security architectures, Digital Rights Management systems, Cryptographic embedded applications, Network security etc.
IBM Research: Cryptography Group
Lists group members, current research, recent publications, and speakers and other activities at the T.J. Watson Research Center.
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (Calcutta), India
Interests: Boolean functions, Stream ciphers, Block Ciphers, Hash functions, Database security, Digital Watermarking, Elliptic/HyperElliptic Curve Crypto, Visual Crypto, Digital Signature Schemes
Information Security and Cryptography: ETH, Zurich
Interests: Information-theoretic cryptography, Secure distributed computation, Public-key cryptography and digital signatures, Number-theoretic and algebraic cryptography, Zero-knowledge protocols, Complexity theory
Macquarie University, Australia
Interests: Security techniques for wired and wireless networks, fixed and mobile distributed applications, practical quantum cryptography, Cryptography and Information Security, Computational Number Theory, Algebraic and Combinatorial Algorithms.
New European Schemes for Signature, Integrity, and Encryption is a research project of the IST program of the European Commission. Links to research outcome of the all workshops held so far.
Royal Holloway's Security research Group
Interests: Security Analysis of AES, PKI, Quantum Cryptography, mobile privacy, ECC, Digital signatures, Authentication protocols
Saarland University
Information security and cryptography group. Research, publications, and contact information.
Stanford University's Security Lab
Interests: Security of cryptographic primitives and protocols, Identity Based Encryption Email system, Intrusion tolerance via threshold cryptography, Electronic wallets, RSA keys bits generation
UCSD's Security and Cryptography Group
Development and analysis of crypto protocols and algos, Interests: Security of systems and networks, e-commerce, computational complexity theory, Formal methods for computer security, digital signatures, incremental cryptography
University of California, Berkeley
Internet Security, Applications, Authentication, and Cryptography research group.
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