Information about the life and works of professionals and researchers in cryptography, living and dead.

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Anderson, Ross
Links, interests and research papers.
Avoine, Gildas
Research student at the EPFL. Security research, education, and publications.
Baigneres, Thomas
Academic web page of Thomas Baigneres. Research and interests.
Bellare, Mihir
UCSD Professor. Resume, publications, courses, and student information.
Biham, Eli
Publications, programs, and course information.
Blackburn, Simon
Head of Math dept of Royal Holloway, London. List of Publications.
Blaze, Matt
Resume, publications, talks, and cryptographic research.
Boneh, Dan
Stanford University Associate Professor. Research, publications, and academic courses.
Bosselaers, Antoon
Researcher at Catholic University. Publications and information on fast implementations of cryptographic algorithms.
Camenisch, Jan
IBM Researcher. Publications, contact information, and a list of cryptographers.
Chaum, David
Founder of DigiCash inc. Research, papers, and patents.
Clifford Neuman
Director of USC's Center for Computer Systems Security. Publications, biographical information, papers, projects and courses.
Contini, Scott
Research papers, contact information, and integer factorization resources.
Crowley, Paul
Papers, cryptanalysis, and research interests.
Curtin, Matt
Current cryptanalysis work, contact information, interests, and publications.
Davis, Don
Research in symmetric and public-key hybrid protocols, links to publications, and contact information.
Desmedt, Yvo
BT Chair of Information Security, Department of Computer Science, University College London, UK.
Dodson, Bruce
Lehigh University courses and links to an RSA factoring challenge.
Goldreich, Oded
Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science. Books, lecture notes, publications, and CV.
Goldwasser, Shafi
RSA Professor at MIT, and also employed at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Site contains selected publications of her ranging from Cryptography to Complexity Theory.
Jarecki, Stanislaw
Assistant Professor at UC Irvine. Publications, contact information, and research in threshold cryptography.
Jenkin, Bob
Work in cryptography, hash functions, simple random number generators.
Knudsen, Lars Ramkilde
Professor at the University of Denmark. Research in block ciphers, publications, and personal information.
Kocher, Paul
President of Cryptography Research Inc. Conducted research in securing RSA implemented smart cards.
Krovetz, Ted
UC Davis lecturer. Research, publications, and courses.
Lecture Notes on Cryptography
Website of Mihir Bellare, professor of computer science & engineering at UCSD. Publications, courses, and research.
Malapati, Raja Sekhar
Links to his academic details, his publications, and link to Malapati's CRYPTOPATH and Indian Cryptography Activities.
Mathai, Jacob
Fordham University graduate research, biography, and professional affiliations.
Maurer, Ueli
Professor at ETH Zurich. Research, contact information, publications, and CV.
Menezes, Alfred
Professor at the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research. Contact details, research, books, and courses.
Mironov, Ilya
Biographical information, papers, cryptography, and courses.
Morain, François
Ecole Polytechnique researcher. Contact information, articles, and research topics.
Murphy, Sean
Professor at the Royal Holloway, University of London. Research, publications, books, and contact information.
Naor, Moni
Professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Research details and contact information.
Nguyen, Phong Q.
Researcher at the École normale supérieure. Links to publications and other details.
Ostrovsky, Rafail
UCLA Professor. Biography, research interests, publications, and contact information.
Pointcheval, David
Researcher at the CNRS. Publications, lecture notes, and contact information.
Preneel, Bart
Belgian researcher with links to publications and the COSIC research group.
Purdy, George B.
Professor at the University of Cincinati. Research, publications, and contact information.
Rivest, Ronald L.
Associate Director of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, a founder of RSA Data Security. Links to works and related studies.
Rogaway, Phil
Associate professor at UC Davis, with links to research papers and courses.
Sarkar, Palash
Resume of Palash Sarkar, details of his publications and his photos.
Schnorr, C.P.
Home page of the research group of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University professor with links to group members home pages, publications and courses.
Shoup, Victor
Professor at NYU. Research papers and contact information.
Silverman, Joseph
Mathematician at Brown University, with links to publications and courses.
Smart, Nigel
Researcher at the University of Bristol, with links to research topics and courses.
Spafford, Eugene
Has links to the Purdue University professor interests, courses, students, publications and news items.
Wagner, David
Professor at UC Berkeley. Publicationsand comprehensive links of Randomness in Cryptography.
Weis, Stephen
A software engineer in the applied security group at Google. Research interests, CV, publications, and contact information.
Young, Moti
Adjunct Senior Research Scientist at Columbia University. Links to publications.
Yu, Shucheng
Assistant professor at UALR. Publications, contact information, and research in network security and applied cryptography.
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