AES Algorithm (Rijndael) Information
This is NIST's home page for the Rijndael block cipher, now the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It has links to the specification and source code.
BMGL: Synchronous Key-stream Generator
Describes the BMGL stream cipher developed by Johan Hastad of the Royal Inst. of Technology and Mats Naslund of Ericsson Research in Sweden. BMGL, like Snow2, uses features of the Rijndael cipher. Source code is not available here. [PDF]
Information about the block cipher jointly developed by NTT and Mitsubishi Electric in Japan in 2000. C source code is also provided.
CAST 128 Block Cipher
A text-file specification for CAST-128, a freely available 128-bit block cipher.
CS2 Block Cipher
This PDF document describes to CS2 block cipher developed by Tom St Denis. CS2 is based on the CS cipher developed by Serge Vaudenay and takes advantage of work St Denis has done on the pseudo-Hadamard transform. Source code is not included, but test vectors are. [PDF]
FastFlex : A Secure Cryptographic Function
Sourceforge project for FastFlex, a suite of hash functions and stream ciphers. Links to documentation and source code.
HC-256 Stream Cipher
HC-256 is a stream cipher developed by Hongjun Wu at the Institute for Infocomm Research in Singapore. It uses a very large state data set which it updates and reads from pseudo-randomly. It seems similar in basic design to SN3 and also borrows some ideas from SHA-256. C source code is included in this PDF document. [PDF]
Hiji Bij Bij
Describes a stream cipher devised by Palash Sarkar and the Cryptology Research Group at the India Statistical Institute. Like many new stream ciphers, it has two parts to its state, one part updated linearly and one part updated non-linearly. The linear part is implemented as cellular automata. The cipher can run in a self-synchronizing mode. The C source code is in this postscript document.
ISAAC - a fast cryptographic random number generator
A stream cipher developed by Robert Jenkins. It was inspired by RC4.
The Mugi Stream Cipher
Describes the MUGI stream cipher developed at Hitachi. MUGI is similar to, and based on, Panama. The link here is to the English home page of the MUGI site. Source code is not available at this site.
Noekeon block cipher
A block cipher with a block length and a key length of 128 bits.
Scream: A Software Efficient Stream Cipher
Describes the Scream stream cipher developed at IBM by Shai Halevi, Don Coppersmith, and Charanjit Jutla. Scream is based on SEAL. Source code is not available here. [PDF]
Serpent Block Cipher Homepage
Describes the 128-bit block cipher designed to replace DES. It was a finalist in the AES competition.
Sosemanuk Stream Cipher
Sosemanuk borrows features of the Snow stream cipher and the Serpent block cipher. The C source code for the cipher is available from the Ecrypt site. [PDF]
VMPC function and stream cipher
Describes the VMPC one-way function and a stream cipher based on it, designed by Bartosz Zoltak. Pseudo code and test-vectors are available here. The algorithm is similar to RC4 and VERY simple.
Zodiac Killer Ciphers
The Zodiac Killer terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960s and 70s and claimed to have killed over 30 people. This site discusses the unsolved cipher messages linked with the killings.
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