Research Groups in Functional Analysis, including Operator Theory, Banach spaces and algebras, and overlapping subjects such as Harmonic Analysis and Non-linear analysis. The web-sites often include the research interests and seminars of the group.
Analysis Group UCLA
University of California, Los Angeles; harmonic analysis and non-linear p.d.e.s
Analysis Research Group - Kansas State University
research on operator theory, non-linear p.d.e.s, harmonic analysis
Functional Analysis and Applications
(University of Aveiro, Portugal) Research in Function Spaces, Operator Theory, and Differential Inclusions.
Functional Analysis Seminar
Web page of the functional analysis seminar at the University of Alberta
Ghent Research Group for Numerical Functional Analysis and Mathematical Modeling
(Belgium) Includes focus of studies, list of staff and preprints.
King Saud University
Operator theory; contains links to other sites on functional analysis.
North British Functional Analysis Seminar (NBFAS)
NBFAS normally meets three times per year, holding a one- or two-day meeting in one of its member institutions at which distinguished mathematicians are invited to lecture.
Oxford Functional Analysis Group
The interests of the group are diverse ranging from topological aspects of the geometry of Banach spaces, through operator systems, to topics bordering on probability and differential equations.
Research group "Fourier and Functional Analysis", Dept of Math, U. of Crete
Research includes Infinite-dimensional Banach spaces, Operator Theory, Fourier Analysis and its applications.
Research Group for Functional Analysis
Technical University of Vienna; research on functional analysis, operator theory, spectral theory, harmonic analysis.
Seminar on Functional Analysis and Applications
Supported by Centro de Matemática Aplicada and PRAXIS XXI, Lisbon.
SISSA: Functional Analysis and Applications: Nonlinear Analysis research group
(International School for Advanced Studies in Italy) non-linear analysis
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