Researchers in Algebra.

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Aramova, Annetta
University of Essen. Commutative Algebra.
Ash, Robert
University of Illinois. Downloadable texts in Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory, Commutative Algebra (PDF).
Bazzotti, Laura
Genoa University. Computational Commutative Algebra. Publications, CoCoA resources.
Camina, Rachel
University of Cambridge. Pro-p-groups. Publications, EWM resources.
Chapman, Scott
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. Commutative algebra, finite abelian groups, combinatorics and number theory: especially factorization of elements in integral domains and monoids.
Chatters, Arthur
University of Bristol. Non-commutative ring theory,properties of Noetherian rings. Publications, thesis.
Chuang, Joe
City University. Representation theory of finite groups, homological algebra. Teaching resources.
Colleagues in General Algebra and Related Fields
A list compiled by Emil W. Kiss, Ágnes Szendrei and Keith Kearnes.
Commutative Algebraists
List of email and web addresses at the Center for Commutative Algebra.
Crans, Alissa S.
Loyola Marymount University. Higher-dimensional algebra: Lie theory with elements of category theory, knot theory and Lie algebra cohomology. Publications, thesis.
Emmanuel Briand
Research themes: diagonal invariants of the symmetric group, applications of classical invariant theory.
Erovenko, Igor
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, USA. Algebraic groups and algebraic number theory. Linear groups and their combinatorial properties, particularly bounded generation of S-arithmetic groups. List of papers, CV, teaching information.
Folk in Group Pub Forum
Members of a group theory mailing list.
Grojnowski, Ian
University of Cambridge. Representation theory, reductive groups, algebraic geometry. Papers.
Hanaki, Akihide
Shinshu University. Representation Theory of Finite Groups; Algebraic Combinatorics; Computational Algebra.
Holt, Derek
University of Warwick. Group theory.
Jack Jeffries
University of Utah. Commutative Algebra: singularities in positive characteristic, local cohomology, Boij-Söderberg theory
Jones, Gareth
University of Southampton. Group theory, and its applications to geometry, topology, combinatorics and Galois theory. Recent preprints.
Joyner, David
US Naval Academy, Annapolis. Groups, representation theory, Lie algebras, Harmonic analysis, the Langlands philosophy, error-correcting codes, GAP, and MAGMA. Papers, books, software, teaching notes, mathematical resources.
Kearnes, Keith A.
University of Colorado. Algebra, Logic, Combinatorics. Resources in general algebra, universal algebra and lattice theory.
Lady, E. Lee
University of Hawaii. Notes on algebra and teaching materials.
Larsen, Michael
Indiana University. Algebraic number theory; algebraic geometry; group theory (finite, finitely generated, compact, or algebraic); homological algebra; algebraic combinatorics; applied algebra. Teaching notes, Putnam competition information.
Neumann, Peter M.
The Queen's College, University of Oxford. Varieties of groups; finite permutation groups; infinite permutation groups; design of group-theoretic algorithms; soluble groups; quantitative topics in group theory; matrices over finite fields; miscellaneous questions in combinatorics, geometry and general group theory; history of group theory. Chairman of the UK Mathematics Trust.
Niblo, Graham A.
University of Southampton. Geometric group theory.
Renshaw, Jim
University of Southampton. Algebraic semigroups, semigroup amalgams, automata/category theory, computer aided learning. Publications, teaching material, semigroup resources.
Representation Theorist Home Pages
Home pages of researchers.
Rickard, Jeremy
University of Bristol. Modular representation theory of finite groups and related areas of algebraic topology; Homological algebra; Representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras. Publications, resources.
Ring Theorist Lists
Compiled by A.D. Bell.
Schofield, Aidan
University of Bristol. Representation theory of finite dimensional algebras; Vector bundles on curves and surfaces; Invariant theory and the study of rings with polynomial identities. Teaching resources.
Semigroup Theorists
Compiled by Jim Renshaw.
Sepanski, Mark
Associate professor at Baylor University. Research is in the field of Lie theory and representation theory. Includes list of publications and courses taught.
Spingarn, Jonathan
Linear and discrete mathematics. Georgia Institute of Technology. Lists class notes and schedules.
Weibel, Charles
Rutgers. Algebraic K-theory, homological algebra. On-line texts and notes in algebra, history; journal information.
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