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Basic algebra is algebra in which the letter symbols stand for real numbers. The scope of the field largely corresponds to the algebra usually taught in secondary schools or in early college as a precursor to the calculus.

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Algebra - Mathematical Abstraction from Concrete Experience
An explanation of how the Montessori student learns algebra while interacting with manipulatives, physical objects, represented by expressions incorporating the numerals and variables of mathematics.
Algebra - One On One
An educational game for those wanting a fun way to learn and practice algebra.
Algebra Homework Help, Online Solvers
Interactive homework problems. Topics include Pre-Algebra, linear Algebra and other college Algebra.
Algebra House
Offers help and insight on a variety of algebra topics. Includes detailed notes, previously answered questions.
Algebra Lessons
Nice collection of algebra lessons, calculators and worksheets.
Algebra Lessons
Introduction to basic concepts of algebra: the lesson, an assignment, answer key.
Algebra Notes
Includes common algebra rules and formulas for a quick reference.
Algebra Online Learning Sites
Algebra and math site links in a table to help you find various math subjects from algebra to calculus, algebra games to quizzes.
Algebra Review in Ten Lessons
Review of (high school) algebra. Acrobat Reader required.
Algebra Worksheets
Automatically generated worksheets.
Covers arithmetic, basic geometry, algebra, and some math games.
Offers free math problem solving videos in algebra, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus. Homework checker with answers to specific math problems.
Fabulous Fractions
Offers lessons to teach or refresh old algebra skills, software that shows how to solve problems step-by-step, and interactive worksheets for testing skills.
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Article in the Platonic Realms.
IB Math Studies: Functions 1
Site on Functions and Relations from the IB Mathematical Studies textbook.
Irrationality of the Square Root of Two
Presents the classical proof, together with a shorter one due to Richard Palais of Brandeis University.
Mathematical Induction
Explains the process of making and proving conjectures about the behavior of equations that a repetitive trait, such as summation formulas. Includes the rules for a valid induction and some examples.
Miss Lindquist: The Online Algebra Tutor for Word Problems
An intelligent tutoring system funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation to build software that is more like human tutors. This program will tutor students presenting them with progressively harder problems and will help me when needed.
Paul's Online Math Tutorial and Notes - Algebra
Tutorial explains how to work with exponents, radical expressions, solving equations, inequalities, functions and graphing. Includes practice exercises and formula lists.
Pre-Algebra Notes - eMathHelp
A collection of pre-algebra notes with examples and exercises.
Includes illustrated tutorials, categorized links, homework guidelines, and a study skills survey.
Quadratic Equation Solver
Solves a quadratic equation in standard form to obtain real and complex roots.
Shannon's Beginning Algebra Page
Topics covered include the order of operations, equations, exponents, polynomials, factoring, fractions, rational expressions, and radicals. Also, has practice quizzes.
Solving Story Problems
Article in the Platonic Realms.
Theorem of Pythagoras
Gives a geometric proof of the rule for measuring the sides of a right triangle.
Understanding Algebra by James Brennan
Covers the order of operations, working with plus and negative signs, solving for unknowns, straight line and polynomial functions, cartesian coordinates and simultaneous equations. Includes topical navigation, illustrations and charts.
A set of tutorials on various topics in introductory mathematics, as well as free software.
West Texas A&M University - Beginning Algebra
Learn about the "language" of math, sets, fractions, variables and simplifying formulas, using graphs, inequalities and study tips.
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