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Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses letters or other symbols to represent unknown quantities, called variables. These variables and number values are combined to form equations. The rules of these equations follow the exact same rules as arithmetic, such as the commutative and associative laws for addition and multiplication. Functions are a special type of equation, where one variable can be uniquely defined in terms of the other. Another part of this topic is graphing of equations and functions using the Cartesian coordinate graph or polar coordinates. Also, covered in this topic is set theory or what constitutes a grouping of numbers.

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Abstract Algebra
Lecture notes by David Wilkins, Trinity College, Dublin. Topics in Number Theory; Group Theory; Galois Theory.
Abstract Algebra Online
Contains many of the definitions and theorems from the area of mathematics generally called abstract algebra. Intended for undergraduate students taking an abstract algebra class at the junior/senior level, as well as for students taking their first graduate algebra course.
All About Circuits - Boolean Algebra
An introduction to boolean algebra from the perspective of electronic engineering.
A Catalogue of Lattices
By Gabriele Nebe and Neil Sloane.
Center for Commutative Algebra
A site for the commutative algebra community, including news, conference and preprint announcements, and a huge list of algebraists.
Cohomology of Modules over the Mod 2 Steenrod Algebra
Robert R. Bruner, Wayne State University. Tables in PS or GIF formats.
Dave's Short Course on Complex Numbers
An introduction with math and a little history intended for those having a familiarity with ordinary real numbers and algebra.
Information on representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. Papers, meetings, places, people, jobs, journals, software.
Home Page of J. S. Milne
Includes preprints and course notes on Group Theory, Fields and Galois Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory,Modular Functions and Modular Forms, Elliptic Curves, Abelian Varieties, Etale Cohomology, and Class Field Theory.
Homogeneous Transformation Matrices
Explicit n-dimensional homogeneous matrices for projection, dilation, reflection, shear, strain, rotation and other familiar transformations.
Intro to Abstract Algebra
Paul Garrett's detailed and comprehensive lecture notes in abstract algebra.
Lecture Notes in Algebra and Number Theory
Andrew Baker, University of Glasgow.
Macdonald Polynomials
Includes information about the Ribbon Rule, as well as link about symmetric functions and representation theory.
Math Forum: Algebra Problem of the Week
A weekly interactive project for algebra on the Internet. Challenging problems are posted and solutions appear on the Web.
Mileski Theorem
A new mathematical theorem proposed by Robert Mileski.
Octonions and Sedenions
Enter the world of 8 and 16 dimensional hypercomplex numbers and discover that the laws that are taken for granted, but do not always hold true.
Robbins Algebras Are Boolean
A web text by William McCune describing the solution of this problem by a theorem-proving program, with input files and the proofs.
Univalg Mailing List
Mailing list for use by the Universal Algebra community. Universal Algebra is a technical branch of mathematics related to algebra and model theory.
An online course to get to grips with 3D vectors. Most of the material is about UK A-level difficulty.
What is a Jordan-like Algebra?
Includes generalizations, and algebraic geometry. Notes and links by Tony Smith.

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