These sites are from companies that manufacture, distribute or sell lab hoods, glove boxes, fume cupboards and related equipment as their main (or one of their main) products. You will also find hood certification firms here.
AirClean Systems
Laboratory and medical hoods, air pollution control systems, ductless fume hoods, robotics, laboratory and forensic safety equipment.
Manufactures ductless filtering systems and enclosures for industry, medicine and research.
Supplier of ductless fume cabinets, safety cabinets, bespoke robotic enclosure and containment solutions, including ventilated storage cabinets, filtered shelving and fume extraction systems.
Biological Instrumentation Services
Service, repair and supply of safety cabinets, fume hoods, cupboards and laminar flow hoods.
BMC Products
Manufacturer of laboratory fume hoods, furniture, cabinets, casework, work surfaces and flexible systems.
Manufacturer of ductless fume hoods, products include chemical storage cabinets, PCR workstations, laminar flow hoods and HEPA balance enclosure hoods.
Clean Room Hoods
Blog providing information and tips by use of pictures, video and articles.
Coy Laboratory Products
Glove Box manufacture for controlled atmosphere's, including anaerobic chambers, hypoxic, temperature control, and humidity control glove boxes.
Ductless fume hoods, laminar flow sterile cabinets, PCR workstations, containment cupboards, safety cabinets, HEPA filters.
DFMZ - Design Filtration Microzone
Manufacturer of standard and custom HEPA filtered clean air systems.
Diamond Scientific
Clean air applications, from single cabinet to large Class 10 cleanroom.
Engineers Collaborative
Industrial ventilation consulting engineering services for dust control and vapor control.
Flow Safe
Fume hood alarms and controls, fume hoods and laboratory alarms for nearly every application.
Flow Sciences
Engineering of robotic containment solutions for product/personnel protection.
Design, manufacture, installation and service of laboratory fume cupboards including extract systems, airflow monitors and all other associated equipment.
Australian company supplying one-piece injection moulded polypropylene chemical fan rotors, PVC fans and rotor bushes to fume cupboard and fume extraction system manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand.
Genie Scientific
Manufacturer of fume hoods and metal lab furniture.
Automatic fume hood controllers, air flow changers and fume hoods.
Green Energy Hoods
Suppliers of efficient laboratory fume hoods and commercial kitchen hoods that helps companies and institutions reduce energy costs.
Enclosures for isolation of laboratory robotic and automated processes.
Iroquois Hoods
Fume hoods, laboratory ventilation, specialty and teaching hoods, accessories, countertops, cabinets, blowers.
Iteco Engineering
Glove boxes, isolators, hot cells for manipulation in a controlled atmosphere. Protection and handling devices for nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy, radiochemistry, pharmacy industry.
Kewaunee Scientific
Offer a dynamic barrier fume hood, a low constant volume (LCV) type hood.
Designers and manufacturers of a range of microbiological safety cabinets, safety cabinets, fume cupboards and associated clean air equipment.
Lab Fabricators
Laboratory fume hoods, standard design and custom design. Included are bench, walk-in and distillation styles.
Lab Fume Cupboards
Laboratory fume cupboards, fume extraction, servicing and refurbishment and COSHH testing.
Down draft table, custom fume hoods, slot exhausterand a fume hood automatic sash positioning system provides safety as well as energy conservation,
PCI Medical
Manufacturer of vapor control systems for glutaraldehyde, OPA and other chemicals. Distributor of ductless fume hoods, spill kits and neutralizer.
PF and F
A UK manufacturer of high performance fume cupboards, extraction systems and laboratory furniture for the industrial, healthcare and education sectors.
Laboratory equipment, furniture and a range of fume extraction devices, a chemical process plastic fabrication of chemical tanks and bulk chemical handling pipelines.
Fans, scrubbers, fumehoods.
Safety Cabinet Solutions
Air engineered safety products including microbiological safety cabinets (class I, II and III), ductless fume cupboards, ducted fume cupboards, pcr and clean air cabinets.
Salare Inc
A manufacturer of polypropylene laboratory equipment. Including laminar or horizontal flow, countertop or freestanding fume hoods, compact wet or dry scrubbers, wet process benches and acid storage cabinets.
TCS: Total Containment Solutions
Fume cupboard designers and manufacturers based in the UK.
Thermoplastic Engineering
Manufacturer and supplier of fume cupboards, toxic fume extraction systems, lab fittings and hardware to national and international customers.
Vacuum Atmospheres
Glove box manufacturer.
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