This section includes, but is not limited to sites that salvage, save, recondition, rebuild, distribute or sale used and/or surplus lab instruments as their main product or service.

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A-VAC Industries
A source for vacuum pump equipment, used highvac products, and helium leak detectors.
Vacuum pump remanufacturing: service, sales, fluids, parts, and filters.
Akribis Metrology Ltd
UK company offers refurbishment and sale of metrology, laboratory and technical equipment. Provides details of products and services, an FAQ and a company profile.
AME Bioscience
Life Science Instrument Solutions for DNA and Protein researchers looking for pre-owned or used Applied Biosystems instruments.
American Instrument Exchange, Inc.
Laboratory equipment bought, sold, exchanged. They buy, warehouse, recondition and resell used laboratory equipment.
American Laboratory Trading
Buy and sell used and preowned laboratory equipment and scientific instruments.
Analytical Instruments, LLC
Provides information on the new, demo and refurbished equipment for sale.
AST Scientific
Global supplier of remanufactured analytical and scientific lab equipment.
Baseline Technology Ltd
UK company offers used HPLC, GC instruments and other used lab equipment for sale.
BEC Certified Calibration Labs
Quality reconditioned test equipment, N.I.S.T. traceable calibration.
Provides new and used/ refurbished/ preowned lab equipment and supplies for the medical and laboratory research companies. Specializes in purchasing, certifying, reselling screening, and lab automation.
Biomedevice Engineering
Sells used and surplus scientific and laboratory instrumentation. Fairly extensive list.
Offers a wide range of used and refurbished laboratory equipment for sale.
Pre-owned scientific and computer equipment for life science organizations.
Biotech Equipment Sales Inc
Supplier of used and surplus, refurbished biotech and laboratory equipment. Offers to source difficult to find products. Located in San Francisco, USA.
BMI Surplus
Buys, sells, and brokers surplus scientific equipment - specializing in optical equipment.
Cambridge Scientific Products
Reconditioned laboratory and medical equipment for a wide variety of laboratory environments. A selection of new and demo equipment from a variety of catalogs and manufacturers.
Carmet Scientific
Used and surplus laboratory, analytical, and biotech equipment and instrumentation.
Chiralizer Services
New and used laboratory equipment and HP computers for sale.
Deja Vu Lab and Test Equipment Inc.
Used surplus and new laboratory and test equipment. Specializing in pulp, paper, and plastics industrial labs.
Diversified Equipment Company, Inc.
Used and reconditioned laboratory equipment.
Dreamscience Ltd
UK company offers new and second hand laboratory and medical equipment for sale. A free newsletter with regular updates on UK and European auctions of used equipment is available.
Duniway Stockroom
New and surplus vacuum products and supplies. Manufactures ion pumps and gauge controlling units.
Second hand semiconductor-lab sales and brokerage services.
Remanufacturer of diffusion and LPCVD furnaces for labs and industry.
Foremost Equipment
Buys, sells, trades and even repairs all types of medical and laboratory equipment. They specialize in hard to find equipment.
Gavula Engineering
Offering thermal and space simulation systems. Full-service design engineering, repair, surplus equipment and bake outs.
GenTech Scientific, Inc.
Services and sells used laboratory equipment, including chromatographs, mass spectrometers, and other analytical equipment.
Interbiolab Inc.
Product range includes chemistry, hematology, coagulation, blood gas, and electrolyte analyzers.
Interlink Scientific Services
Used instruments for sale - service, chromatography, spares and spectroscopy instruments.
International Equipment Trading LTD.
New, used and refurbished laboratory equipment worldwide.
International Medical Equipment Inc.
Specialists in new and refurbished equipment for the pathology lab including clinical, anatomic pathology, veterinary and dermatopathology. Histology and cytology units as well as general lab supplies, chemicals and stains.
Lab Makers
New and used laboratory equipment auction site
Lab Recyclers, Inc.
Supplier of new and used analytical instrumentation, lab furniture, biotechnology products and general lab equipment.
Offers new, used, surplus and refurbished equipment, as well as rental and repair services.
Laboratory Equipment Solutions
Reconditioned and refurbished (used) laboratory instrumentation and equipment for sale. Items for the chemical, mining, process, and pharmaceutical industries. Including AA spectrometers, GC, balances, UV-VIS spectrophotometers.
LabTrader Scientific Equipment
Dealer of new and reconditioned scientific equipment and process instrumentation.
Used lab equipment pricing and products archive with over 50,000 scientific equipment listings.
Lassen High Vacuum
Reseller of mechanical, ion, turbo, diffusion, gaskets, flanges, bolts, and controllers. Field service. Complete Adobe Acrobat catalog.
Lehman Scientific
New and used laboratory equipment.
McKinley Scientific
Suppliers of pre-owned HPLC, DNA Synthesizers, mass spectrometers, NMR, and laboratory robotics.
Meadows Instrumentation
Used and refurbished lab equipment, Waters HPLC, autosamplers, mass spectrometers, pharmaceutical equipment and analytical instruments.
MLS Technologies LLC.
Used analytical instrumentation and upgrades, including GC, GC/MSD, and HPLC systems from Redmond, Washington.
MTX Lab Systems, Inc.
Elisa Plate readers, washers, dispensers and pipettors. New and remanufactured.
Nevada Vacuum
New and used vacuum wholesaler. Offers end users spare parts and complete systems for science and industry.
Pinhills Scientific Systems
Used ARL Optical emission and Philips X-Ray equipment, software updates and spares available for older equipment. Based in the UK Midlands.
Port City Surplus
Used and surplus lab equipment.
PTB Sales
Rebuilt surplus used vacuum equipment: leak detectors, pumps (turbo, cryo, diffusion, blowers) valves, ion gauge controllers, deposition systems, and power supplies.
RT Instruments, Inc.
Deals in new and used thermal analysis instruments and thermal analyzers. Woodland, California, USA.
SAM provides an updated website for buying and selling previously owned capital scientific laboratory equipment.
New and used lab equipment, products for chromatography and spectroscopy, mobile process analyzers, centrifuges, balances, and spectrophotometers.
Scientific Equipment Source
Specialists in gas chromatographs, HPLC, spectrophotometers and other used and new lab equipment.
Scientific Support Inc.
Supplier of new, demo, and refurbished used equipment for chemical, analytical, biotech, and semiconductor laboratory.
Scientific Surplus
Buys, sells, reconditions, and services lab equipment. Specializes in fermenters, centrifuges, and shakers.
SpectraLab Scientific Inc.
Canadian company supplying refurbished HPLCs, GCs, autosamplers, spectrometers, spectrophotometers and associated products. Also offers service and support.
Spectron Corporation
Used AA, Chromatography, IR, FTIR, Spectrohpotometers, GC, GC/MS, HPLC, ICP,and ICP/MS
Sterling Resale Optics
Resale of un-used or excellent condition optics including mirrors, lenses, filters, and KTP crystals for yag lasers. Surplus laser optics lenses and mirrors.
Surplus Sources
For all types of used scientific instruments and electronics equipment.
Tech Trader
Used scientific equipment, storage of unused equipment, and repair of laboratory equipment.
Technology Management Corporation
Reconditioned laboratory and scientific equipment sales, service, purchasing and recycling. Instrumentation for all facets of the laboratory and scientific industry.
Triad Scientific
Laboratory equipment and instrumentation, from HPLC, UV, AA, FTIR to laboratory hoods and furniture. Manuals and technical help are also available.
Vac Equip
Used vacuum equipment, including a categorized list of various small and large vacuum equipment.
WellTech Enterprises
Offers used HPLC, microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves, GC/MS and other scientific equipment.
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