These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell primarily lab instruments, services or supplies that can be used with or for refrigeration or cold storage of laboratory materials, samples or supplies.

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Allied Refrigeration and Engineering
Manufacturers of rapid plasma freezers and laboratory refrigeration equipment.
AT Percival-Scientific
Environmental control rooms, environmental growth chambers, biological incubators and plant growth chambers.
Bally Refrigerated Boxes
Medical and laboratory cold storage.
BioCold Environmental, Inc.
Temperature and humidity controlled environmental rooms and chambers for science, biotechnology and industry. Product applications include ICH/FDA stability testing, insect rearing, seed storage, and custom specifications.
Biocooler benchtop coolers, electroporation cuvettes, and product development services to the biotechnology research industry.
Cooler Direct
Online distributor of a wide range of freezers and refrigerators, including medical appliances, commercial appliances and domestic refrigerators and coolers.
Custom Biogenic Systems
Cryogenic equipment, freezer racks, controls, alarms, temperature recorders, and accessories.
Dataworks Development
Software to track frozen samples in the laboratory.
Environmental Test Chambers from Cincinnati Sub-Zero
CSZ provides Environmental Test Chambers to test and store products. Environmental Chambers include temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration chambers simulating any environmental condition.
Eppendorf: New Brunswick
Products include ultra-low temperature freezers, biological and combinatorial-chemistry shakers, fermentors, cell culture bioreactors, biological air samplers, automated media preparation equipment.
EVERmed Medical Refrigeration
Italian manufacturer of refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, portable refrigerators freezers, ultra-low freezers, cold stores for medical and scientific applications.
Farrar Scientific
Design and manufacturing of high reliability and precision conditioning equipment.
Freezer Concepts
Ultra low temperature freezers for storage of all types of materials at temperatures of -150 C; -80 C or -40. Chest and upright models available in many sizes.
Freezers India
Manufacturer and exporter of freezers, refrigerators and coldrooms for use in laboratories and hospitals. New Delhi, India.
GA International
Specialist supplier of cryogenic and freezer-grade labels with characteristics customized to various lab conditions.
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
Refrigerated storage equipment.
Blood bank refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators, chromatography refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators, hettich brand centrifuges, platelet storage systems, plasma thawing systems.
Temperature-control solution for applications in lab automation.
International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER)
Active in dissemination of information on repository management issues, sharing of information, development of best practice guidelines, and acts as a voice for repositories to influence regulations on shipping, human subjects, and related topics.
JC Controls
Liquid nitrogen level controllers, sensors and alarms, automatic fill devices.
JRV Inc.
Distributor for Kelvinator Scientific (Division of Carrier), which manufactures scientific refrigerators, freezers, and ultra cold freezers. Supplies hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, pharmacies and medical centers with refrigerators/freezers to meet their refrigeration and cold storage needs.
Manufacturer of constant temperature refrigerated and heating circulators, water baths and chillers for research laboratories and small-scale production from -95°C to +400°C.
Cold storage materials management systems.
Labnet International
Freezer racks and storage boxes for a variety of sample containers.
McQueen Labs
Offers ultra-low temperature freezers, blood bank and chromatography refrigerators, plasma freezers, and other cold storage equipment.
Medical Refrigeration
Provides a range of refrigerators and freezers for hospitals and laboratories. Products include ultra-low temperature freezers, blood bank refrigerators, ward and lab fridges and freezers, cooled incubators, ice machines, centrifuges and other equipment.
Pacific Bio Material Management
Long-term storage and nationwide transport of sensitive biological material.
Manufacturer of cooling systems, chillers, and temperature control products used in a variety of applications and industries.
Powers Scientific
Markets environmentally controlled chambers, refrigerated incubators, humidified incubators, laboratory refrigerators, and pharmacy/biological refrigerators for scientific research.
Sells cryogenic supplies and equipment for biomedical storage. Authorized MVE distributor.
QED Scientific Ltd
Manufactures and distributes temperature-controlled products for use in laboratories, pharmacy refrigerators and bloodbank refrigerators.
Quantum Technology
Laboratory freezers and cryogenic instrumentation.
Develops and produces devices, consumables, software and automated substance processing and storage systems.
RTF Manufacturing
Blood bank and biological-pharmacy refrigerators freezers hospitals, laboratories, clinics for the medical, research and scientific health fields.
Designs and manufactures high performance refrigeration units for use in industry and research.
So-Low Environmental Equipment
Manufacturers of ultra low temperature laboratory freezers and refrigerators.
Technifab Products, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of transfer and storage equipment for cryogens including low evaporation rate liquid nitrogen dewars for use in laboratories.
True Manufacturing
Manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment including refrigerators, freezers.
US Tank
Cryogenic Needs.
Wesbart Europe
Aluminum test tube racks and sample storage systems for refrigerators, freezers and cryogenic vessels.
Wildcat Wholesale
Offers cardboard freezer boxes that fit most cryogenic and ultra low temperature freezers. These boxes securely store microtubes, cryovials and blood vials.
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