This category includes sites that make, manufacture, distribute, sell or service light microscopes and related supplies. Included in this category are confocal microscopes and supplies.
A-Z Microscope
Canadian company that sells microscopes and related products.
Absolute Clarity And Calibration, LLC
Offers field service, repair, and sales of new and reconditioned microscopes.
Microscope manufacturer.
Allied High Tech Products, Inc.
Specializes in metallurgical applications and sells microscopes, accessories and sample preparation equipment.
Allometrics, Inc.
Cleaning and preventive maintenance of all brands of microscopes. Microscope parts for most major brands.
Alpha and Omega
Microscope sales and service company specializing in monocular, binocular, and stereo instruments.
Sells microscopes, balances, amber, and amber jewelry.
American Scope
Offers a full line of student and professional microscopes and accessories.
Arc Micro Optics
Specializes in sales and service of used and new microscopes, parts and accessories.
Ashwani Diagnostic
Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of microscopes and other scientific and medical equipment. Delhi, India.
Australia based suppliers of microscopes and school and laboratory equipment.
Aunet Pty Ltd
Sole distributors in Australia for Dino-Lite handheld microscopes. Includes some demonstrations.
Barber Optics, Inc.
Sells used microscopes/microtomes and services them in the MD/DC/VA area.
Benz Microscope Optics Center, Inc.
Distributor of new and reconditioned microscopes as well as video systems, balances, laboratory equipment and accessories.
Best Scientific
UK supplier of microscopes and accessories. Also performs servicing and repair.
Distributes the Scalar ProScope USB Digital Microscope, a hand-held device capable of magnifying up to 200X.
Bolden Instrument
Quality microscope sales and service. Can repair most models. Specializes in Leica, Swift, Accu-Scope, Unitron, and Tegatron.
BPI Tech
Offers hand held and stand mounted digital USB microscope cameras 200/500x, 5 mega pixel resolution with measurement capabilities and voice recording features.
Brunel Microscopes Ltd
Provides a variety of microscopes, accessories and investigation kits. Located in the UK.
C and A Scientific Co.,Inc
Microscopes and supplies.
Capital Microscope Services, Inc. of GA.
Microscopes, balances and other products for school and home use.
Capra Optical
Distributor of a wide variety of microscopes, optical comparators, video devices and accessories.
Carl Zeiss, Inc.
Light and scanning microscopes and imaging systems for professional applications.
Carton Optical (siam) Co., Ltd.
Thailand manufacturer and exporter of microscopes.
Chalex Corp.
Sells McMaster and nematode counting slides and fecal analysis kits.
Conix Research
Manufacturer of motorized stages and other automated accessories for optical microscopes
Dazor Mfg.
Offers an electronic video microscope called the speckfinder.
DC Imaging, LLC
Motic microscopes, digital cameras and imaging software.
Dewinter Optical Inc.
Specialists in the sale and service of a full range of microscopes. Also offers image analysis software for biological and industrial applications.
Dolan Jenner
Manufactures fiber optic illuminators for microscopy and machine vision applications.
DSC Optical Services
Specializes in microscope repair, service, and sales of new and used microscopes.
DSS Imagetech
Representative in India for Olympus microscopes, imaging devices, software, and other scientific instruments.
Eagle Optical Products
Manufacturer and distributor of optical loupes.
A Russian manufacturer of precision optical components including microscope objective lenses.
Forever Plus Corp.
Offers several portable microscopes that can be connected to a computer, enabling the user to digitalize their observations in photo or video format.
Goko Manufacturers, (India)
Manufacturer and exporter of optical instruments. Also fabricates custom components and sub-assemblies.
Gorilla Scientific
Offers microscopes, microscope accessories and laboratory equipment.
Great Scopes Microscopes
Informative microscope buyer's guide, free online science labs, plus stereo and compound microscopes from novice to professional.
GT Vision, LLC
Provides a wide range of microscopes.
GX Optical
Offers a range of microscopes and accessories.
Helmut Hund GmbH
German manufacturer of a range of industrial, inverted, educational and laboratory microscopes and stereomicroscopes.
Company in China that supplies microscopes and accessories.
Hitschfel Instruments, Inc., St. Louis, MO
Olympus optical microscopes and custom imaging systems, with ancillary products from many other manufacturers. Covering Missouri, central/southern Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the greater Memphis metro area.
Incubators for Inverted Microscopes
Italian company that offers incubators for time lapse experiments.
Industrial and Scientific Supply Co.
Microscope supplier in Australia.
Infinity Photo-Optical Company
Manufactures long distance and continuously focusable microscopes, video inspection systems and internal focusing devices.
J. R. Instruments
Provides new and used microscopes and accessories. Also services and reconditions microscopes.
James International Sales (Canada), Ltd.
Exclusive dealer for Kyowa microscopes in Canada. Also offers preventative maintenance, servicing and full repairs.
Jenco International, Inc.
Microscopes for schools, industry, and laboratories
K-Vision bv
Dutch company that specialized in digital imaging equipment and software.
Lab Essentials:
Microscopes, lab products, and home health tests
Offers a large selection of microscopes, CCD cameras, illuminators, lenses, and bulbs.
Leica Microsystems
Producer of educational, stereo and confocal microscopes.
Austrian company that sells adapters which connect consumer digital cameras to microscopes.
LW Scientific
Manufacturer of microscopes and related lab equipment for educational, medical and laboratory use.
M2 Associates, Inc.
Sells new and reconditioned metallurgical and stereo microscopes.
Martin Microscope Company
New and used microscopes and accessories. MM series digital camera adapters.
MBF Bioscience
Provides tools for microscopic analysis such as neuron tracing, stereology, brain mapping, and virtual slides. Includes product descriptions and pricing information.
Meiji Techno Microscopes
Main U.S. distributor site. Meiji Techno is the third-largest optical microscope manufacturer in Japan. They offer educational, industrial, and laboratory microscopes via dealers worldwide.
Micoptical Instruments
Italian company specializing in used optical instruments and accessories.
Micrarium Enterprises
Designs, builds and installs hands on microscopes, video and display microscopes for museum exhibits, visitor centers and schools.
Micro Source Imaging
Supplier of a range of microscopes, imaging equipment and accessories including industrial, upright, inverted and stereo models. Cleaning and servicing of all brands.
Micro-Optics Precision Instruments
Sell, repair, and service new and used microscopes and imaging systems.
The Microscope Company
Microscope systems sales and servicing. Also offers reconditioned equipment and accessories. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
Microscope Depot
Online sales of stereo, compound, student, professional, video and industrial light microscopes. Also offers microscope cameras and accessories from Tracy, California.
Microscope Service & Sales Ltd
Supply and service in the UK of a broad range of instruments from various manufacturers.
Microscope Systems Scotland
Microscope sales and servicing company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Offers microscopes by Olympus UK and Meiji Techno, and spares and consumables for all makes.
Microscope World
Offers online sales for professionals and students, with customer resources and articles to download. Carlsbad, California.
Offers compound and stereo microscopes, cameras, and accessories.
Retailer of optical microscopes and accessories including loupes, stereo, compound, industrial and digital microscopes and systems.
Microscopes & More
Suppliers and repairers of microscopes and other laboratory equipment for schools.
Microscopes America, Inc.
Suppliers of monocular, binocular, stereo and digital microscopes, flex cameras, laboratory balances and scales. Also offers service and repair of microscopes.
Microscopes From National
National Optical microscopes.
Microscopes Mall
Online retailer of microscopes and optical instruments from China.
Microscopes Plus Ltd.
UK company specializing in sales, service and repair of microscopes.
Online retailer offering pre-configured and custom-configured compound, stereo, and digital microscopes, educational and student microscopes, parts, accessories and other laboratory equipment.
Microtomes India
Manufacturer of a range of microtomes and other scientific and medical equipment.
Midwest Bioservice Company
Sells and services compound microscopes. Specializes in the educational market.
Manufacturers of CMOS and CCD cameras for microscopy with image archiving and analysis software. Sperm analysis system, fluorescence imaging automation available. In Russian and English.
Morrell Instrument Co.
Provides industrial and biomedical microscopes and replacement bulbs.
Motic Microscopes
Manufacturer of microscopes, digital cameras and imaging software.
Museum of Microscopy - Florida State University
This site contains a museum of classical microscopes, an extensive gallery of images, and a variety of interactive tutorials on microscopy and optics.
National Microscope Exchange
Source for sales and service of new and used microscopes and ATAGO refractometers.
National Optical and Scientific Instruments
Importer of high quality microscopes and accessories. Has nationwide dealer network.
Czech company with a software product that creates large depth of field images from a sequence of shallow depth images.
New and reconditioned microscopes, accessories and servicing.
Offers links to Nikon Corporations worldwide websites.
Provides a source for used microscopes and optical equipment.
Objective Imaging Ltd
Provides motion controllers, software, and application engineering for high-performance automated microscopy and image analysis.
Manufacturer of LED microscope lighting products for use with microscopes and other magnification devices.
Accessories for live cell investigations including perfusion and incubation chambers. Located in Italy.
Old School Industries, Inc.
A manufacturer of boom stands and related adapters.
Ome-Top Systems Co. Ltd.
Taiwanese manufacturer of a wide range of microscopes. In Chinese and English.
Omex Technologies
Provides optical imaging products, engineering and manufacturing services.
Optech Microscope Services Ltd
UK based company specializing in sales, repair and service of microscopes and microtomes.
New and used microscope sales, service, and repair.
Opti-Tech Scientific Inc.
Canadian company that sells new and used microscopes, provides service and calibration.
Optika is the trade names of M.A.D., an Italian company that produces microscopes and exports worldwide.
Sells new and used microscopes. Also offers calibration, service and repair.
Manufacturer of scientific grade digital microscope cameras.
Parco Scientific
Manufactures and services compound and stereo microscopes and video microscopy systems.
Peak Optics
Offers a large selection of magnifiers, measuring loupes, microscopes, optical tools and accessories. Shipping world wide.
Specializes in used medical equipment including surgical microscopes.
Peninsula Microscope Service
Sells and repairs new and used microscopes.
PharmNet 2000
Sells presentation systems and microscopes.
Precision Microscope Sales
Sells Swift, Leica and Accu-Scope microscopes and a wide selection of bulbs, sockets, illuminators and mirrors.
Precision Optical Imaging
Manufacturer of custom reticles, masks and images for the optical industry.
Prescott's Inc.
Specializes in new and re-conditioned surgical microscopes: Zeiss, Wild, Topcon, Weck and Storz.
Prior Scientific, Inc.
Manufacturer of motorized microscope stages, microscopes, filter wheels, and microscopy accessories.
Prizmatix Ltd
Manufacturer of fiber coupled single, dual and triple high power microscope LED light sources as a replacement for xenon and mercury lamps. Also supplies custom development of various photonics products.
Manufacturer of optical inspection and measurement devices, camera adapters, illumination sources, and accessories for microscopes. Also supplier of used and refurbished microscopes.
A suppier of consumables and instruments for microscopy.
Quality Scientific & Mechanical Works
Manufacturer of a wide range of microscopes. Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India.
Radical - India
Manufacturers and exporter of biological and industrial microscopes
Roch Mechatronics Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of research, metallurgical, digital and stereo microscopes, image analysis software and accessories.
Manufacturer of USB hand-held digital microscopes.
School Microscope Service
Specializes microscope sales to schools.
Specializes in stereo zoom microscopes and video inspection systems.
Scientific Specialties, Inc.
Microscope Service - specialized for schools. Cleaning, care, repair, and sales.
Semprex Corporation
Manufacturer of precision microscope X-Y motion stages, microscope stands and probe needles
SEO Enterprises
New and used microscope sales and service.
Sheerin Scientific
Offers microscope sales and service.
Sipcon Instrument Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of profile projectors, vision measuring systems, depth measuring microscopes and microtomes. Based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India.
Southwest Precision Instruments
Microscope service and repairs. Serving Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada and El Paso, Texas.
Spectra Services
Offers new and used microscopes, cameras, motorized stages, and image analysis software.
SPOT Imaging Solutions
Manufactures scientific cameras and life science imaging systems for pathology, bioresearch, and OEM applications.
Swift Optical Instruments
Manufacturer of compound, stereo and digital microscopes and weather instruments.
TauTec LLC
Provides sophisticated systems such as multifocal, multiphoton and fluorescence microscopes with imaging.
Tekdon Inc.
Specializes in printed and coated microscope slides.
Teklight Microscope Bulbs
Sells a wide variety of microscope bulbs.
TriTek Corp.
Specializes in remotely operable computer controlled microscopes.
Unicon Instruments
Manufacturer and exporter of microscopes. Located in India.
Sells a wide range of used microscopes and laboratory equipment, including microtomes, cryostats, cameras and monitors.
Provides digital imaging systems, including haze removal and 3-D volume visualization software.
Vermont Optechs
Reseller of used Zeiss, Leitz, Wild, Olympus and Nikon optical microscopes.
View Solutions, Inc.
Laboratory microscopes and accessories.
Vineon Technology
Developer and supplier of USB 2.0 digital cameras and imaging / measurement software from Malaysia.
Vision Engineering Inc.
Manufacturers of patented ergonomic stereo microscopes and magnifiers, including the Mantis stereo viewer. Range also includes non-contact optical and video measuring microscopes.
Vision Engineering Microscopes, Ltd.
Manufacturer of ergonomic microscopes, optical inspection and non-contact measurement systems using patented expanded pupil technology.
Wuzhou New Found Instrument Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of a range of research and industrial microscopes. Guangxi, China.
Xiamen Lead Science & Technology Co.
Light microscope manufacturer in China.
YSI - Yorkshire Scientific Instruments
UK company that supplies and services microscopes, flexcams and other laboratory equipment.
Yu Lung Scientific Co., LTD
Manufacturer and exporter of microscopes. Located in Hong Kong.
Zarf Enterprises
Microscope adapters for digital cameras. Custom adapters available upon request.
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