These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sale primarily medical research, medical diagnostic or clinical lab equipment and supplies. This category does not include MRI, or radiology sites.

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Axiom Solutions
Clinical Chemistry, laboratory instruments, EIA, hospital instruments, microscopes, biochemistry, rapid testing, serodiagnostic, and medical laboratory equipment.
Instruments, chemistry, software and supplies to simplify and automate laboratory processes used in all phases of the battle against disease.
Complete kits for specialized data analysis. Such as MW markers, anatigen, protein, dotmetric protein and nucleic acid kits.
BioPacifc Diagnostic Inc
Canadian manufacturer and distributor of manual white cell differential counters and Bone Marrow counters. Also a supplier of clinical and environmental reagents and laboratory supplies.
Cambridge Research Systems Ltd.
Visual stimulators, stereoscopic display systems, calibration equipment, eye trackers and software for functional brain imaging applications.
Canton Pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical and medical lab equipment.
Carolina Liquid Chemistries
Beckman Synchron CX reagents, homocysteine, lipid testing, chemistry reagents, immunology testing, laboratory supply and refurbished chemistry analyzers.
Celsis produces systems for the rapid detection of microbial contamination for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, diary, food and beverage.
Crescent Chemical Company
Special devices for microbiology and pathogenic bacteriology automatic coliform identification.
Dermapak is a specialised envelope used to send specimens for analysis in laboratories.
DiaSys Diagnostic Systems
Develops, manufactures and distributes medical and clinical laboratory products for hospital, clinical and private physician laboratories.
FL Medical
Manufacturer and supplier of disposable laboratory equipment: test and blood collection tubes, petri dishes and plastic containers. Product and contact information.
Germfree Laboratories, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of biological safety and containment equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and for other laboratory applications.
Hacker Instruments and Industries Inc
Manufacturer and distributor of instrumentation for histopathology. Cryostats, tissue processors, laboratory microwaves, slide stainers, microtomes general histo-pathology lab supplies. .
Healthcare Technologies
Imports and distributes laboratory equipment, instrumentation, reagents, diagnostic kits and consumables for the healthcare market.
Unique 96-well equilibrium dialysis block with novel vertical alignment of dialysis membrane. Dispense and aspirate from both sample and dialysate side. Analyze a large number of samples, time points, or replicates in the same experiment.
Lab-tek Corporation ltd
Flat bed or multitube vortexers for medical laboratory test tube racks.
Medical Electronics
Consulting services and forms for laboratory equipment maintenance. Certified maintenance for your equipment.
Medical Laboratory Solutions
Specialists in the service, refurbishment and sale of chemistry and hematology analyzers for laboratories throughout the US. Also supplies reagents, consumables and parts.
Mercedes Medical
Medical distribution company. Products include histology, physicians office and lab supplies which can be ordered online.
Metertech Inc.
Designs and manufactures medical and analytical instruments.
Metrika Inc
Manufactures single-use diabetes monitoring devices for analyses other than glucose.
MicroBio Corporation
Manufacturer of microbial detection tools and systems.
MicroSource Discovery Systems, Inc.
Offers structurally diverse and biocompatible compounds.
MTG - Medical Technology Vertriebs-GmbH
Medical technology, assisted reproduction and cryobiology (OCTAX Laser System, microscope heating systems, cryopreservation, disposables, and incubators).
MTX Lab Systems, Inc.
Elisa readers, plate washers, pipettors, dispensers, robotics and software. (Formerly ICN/Flow Laboratories).
NCS Medical
A supplier and distributor of lab equipment such as autoclaves, centrifuges and radiation survey meters.
Neuralynx, Inc. -
High density multichannel electrophysiology recording systems for electrophysiology and neuroscience research.
Neurotron Incorporated
Neurometer CPT/C and CPT/Eagle electrodiagnostic nerve testing devices.
Diagnostics company offering reagents and equipment for blood testing.
Pacific Southwest Lab Equipment
New, used, and restored clinical lab equipment and supplies for pathology and histology labs.
Peripheral Visions, Inc.
Manufacturers of Perphormax replacement parts for clinical chemical analyzers and a rebuilder or refurbisher of Hitachi and Beckman clinical chemistry analyzers.
Precision Systems Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of a range of freezing point osmometers, cryoscopes and bench-top chemistry analyzers.
Sakura Fintek Europe B.V.
Manufacturer of diagnostic equipment for histopathology and cytology.
Sapidyne Instruments Inc.
Describes KinExA technology for measuring binding affinity and kinetics. Lists applications for KinExA technology in the biotechnology field.
Supplies for Microtome JB-4
Microtome JB-4 aluminum holders
Designs, develops, and manufactures solutions for the histology marketplace.
Microsensors for medical and biological applications
Vitech Scientific Ltd
Photometers, osmometers, onkometers and other laboratory equipment available from this UK company. Site features a price list and order form.
Willco Wells
Information on and E-shop for various types of 35 and 50 mm glass and foil bottom dishes manufactured under clean room conditions for many inverted microscope applications as well as micro dissection.
Woodley Equipment Company Ltd
Specialists in the international rental and sale of medical and laboratory equipment to the clinical research industry, haematology point-of-care products, and laboratory equipment, diagnostic and critical care products to the veterinary industry.

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