These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sale primarily laboratory grade tubing and fittings and other devices normally used with tubing. Tubing or tubing products made of natural or man-made polymers, or metal will be listed here. Here you will find any sort of tubing, clamps, pumps, fittings for carrying liquid gas or slurries within, between, to or from the lab or lab instruments. 07/02/00

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Aalborg Instruments and Controls, Inc.
A manufacturer of flow measurement and control instrumentation for gases and liquids
Argos Corporation
Custom extruded thermoplastic tube and pipe.
Ark-Plas PRoducts, Inc.
Miniature plastic fittings and tubing, decorative screw covers, quick bind assemblies and spiral wrap in a variety of materials and colors.
Daburn Electronics and Cable Corp.
Heat shrink, electrical, fiber-glass, and vinyl tubing.
ESD Safe Tubing
Supplying ESD safe tubing for laboratory use. No accumulation of static electricity.
FAR Rubinetteri
Specialized company in the field of taps and fittings for laboratory, hospitals and schools.
Finger Lakes Extrusion
Manufactures PVC, PUR and LLDPE, flexible tubing products for FDA food, NSF-51 beverage and USP Class VI medical applications. Also able to provide for custom industrial and commercial tubing applications.
Injectech, LLC
Manufacturer of plastic luers, check valves, tubing and fittings including custom products.
Inplex LLC
Custom extruders of plastic tubing and profiles to specifications.
IRAMA Corporation
Pumps, tubing, and parts for continuous flow analyzers, ICP, environmental testing equipment, and other applications.
Jensen Inert
Tubing and fittings made from inert materials.
Plumbing Warehouse
Pumps, plastic tubing, fittings clamps and other hardware.
RX Plastics
PVC and Polyethylne hoses for industry, lab or garden uses.
Fluoroplastic tubing for oxygen, gas and fluid transfer. High temperature, chemical resistant, ultra pure available. FEP, MFA, PTFE, THV, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF, PEEK, and PEI ULTEM tubing, medical, lab uses.
Value Plastics
Precision plastic tubing components including Luers, Luer accessories, Tube-to-Tube, threaded, blood pressure and bondable fittings.
Reusable hypodermic, surgical, syringe, veterinary, aspiration, spinal, blunt, special, irrigation, and epidural needles
Vita Needle Company
Manufacturers of stainless steel tubing, wire needles and luer fittings. Stainless steel dispensing needles and tube fabrication custom and off-the-shelf designs.
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