These sites are from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell general-purpose radio and stable isotopes for scientific research.

Also sites from companies that make, manufacture, distribute or sell general-purpose NMR isotopically labeled solvents and other chemicals.

In addition, sites from research institutions which develop analytical tools and provide isotope services for research and industry.

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Supplier of stable labelled drugs and metabolites including custom synthesis of multilabelled building blocks.
American Radiolabeled Chemicals Inc.
Offers more than 4,000 radiolabeled and unlabeled neurochemicals and biochemicals for life science research.
Specialists in radiosynthesis, compound synthesis, bioanalysis and in custom synthesis of reference standards. Also specialists in analytical chemistry, including calculation of isotopic distribution.
CortecNet: Stable Isotopes
Provides various stable isotope products including amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, isotopic gases and metal isotopes.
Hartmann Analytic GmbH
Supplier of radio-labeled chemicals, products for radiation protection. Also offers labeling-services and custom synthesis.
Icon Services
Supplier of compounds labeled with stable isotopes.
International Isotope Society
The IIS provides a forum for all chemists involved in radiochemical synthesis and analysis to obtain and share information outside of their immediate area of employment and expertise.
International Isotopes Clearing House, Inc.
Catalog listing of radioisotopes, 14C- and 3H-labeled compounds for medical research, 33P- and 125I- available.
Stable isotopes for use in science, medicine and industry from Russian producers.
Custom stable isotope labeling and small scale organic synthesis including the preparation of metabolites and PET precursors and standards.
A member of the Sigma-Aldrich family, manufacturer of stable isotope labeled compounds.
MDS Nordion
Radioisotope technology used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Products and services include nuclear medicine, radiation therapy for cancer, irradiation sterilization and food irradiation.
Moravek Radiochemicals
Manufacturer of tritium and carbon 14 labeled radiochemicals for AIDS and cancer research.
Omicron Biochemicals Inc.
Supplier of single, multiple and uniform stable isotope labeled saccharides and nucleosides (13C, 2H, 15N, 18O).
Equipment for trace element and isotope analysis.
A producer and worldwide supplier of radioisotope products for science, industry, and medicine. Product list includes radiation sources, labelled compounds, stable isotopes, and radiopreparations.
STB Isotopes
Stable isotopes for science, medicine and industry, a list of some rare and unusual stable isotopes.
Supplier of Russian-produced radioisotopes and labeled compounds.
Trace Sciences International
Supplier of stable isotopes including a complete range of enriched stable isotopes.
U.S. DOE Isotope Production and Distribution
U.S. Department of Energy isotopes catalog. Quite an extensive list.
ViTrax Radiochemicals
Manufactures Tritium, Carbon-14, and Sulfur-35 radiolabeled products and offers custom radiosynthesis under cGMP.
Wellington Laboratories
Produces 12C and 13C halogenated reference standards of environmental concern, including chlorinated and brominated dioxins, furans, biphenyls and diphenyl ethers. Includes corporate and product details, online catalog and contacts.
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