Contains sites for distributors of scientific laboratory equipment, devices, instruments, and consumable and non-consumable supplies. These products are those typically found in scientific, educational, research, quality assurance, quality control and government laboratories. Manufacturers of scientific laboratory equipment are listed in Science/Instruments_and_Supplies/Laboratory_Equipment . Distributors and manufacturers who primarily distribute to industries for large scale manufacturing are listed in Business/ .

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Abdulla Haider BM LLC.
Sells data loggers, chart recorders, weighing scales, calibration equipment and laboratory instruments to industries and institutions. Service area is focused mainly in the Middle East.
Adarsh Scientific Industries
Supplier of laboratory equipment and scientific instruments for physics, chemistry and biology labs. [RSS]
Adelab Scientific-Suppliers
Suppliers of laboratory equipment throughout Adelaide and Australia.
Advantage Bundling SP, LLC,
Scientific apparatus, disposable lab supplies, safety products and lab equipment including furniture.
Alpha Labchem
Manufacturer of scientific equipment, laboratory chemicals and glassware. Includes profile, products and quality control sections with contact information.
Altium S.A.
Sales, support and consumables including spectrometry, chromatography, and life-sciences products from Agilent Technologies.
Amber Science, Inc.
Instruments for measuring the conductivity, resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature of aqueous solutions.
Amscorp Scientific
A variety of laboratory equipment and scientific equipment.
Anachemia Science Online
Distributor of a wide range of laboratory chemicals, supplies and equipment for the research, environmental, industrial and mining markets.
Analytical Group
Offers a range of products and services in the areas of analytical instrumentation, signal and monitoring, lasers and photonics, biotechnology, imaging and systems customization.
Analyticon Instruments Corporation
Titrators, pH meters, conductivity, DO, ORP, water quality meters and other lab equipment for lab, field and process use.
Appleton Woods Ltd
Supplies a wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables to life sciences laboratories.
APS Water
Offering products for the production of purified water, replacement filters, custom water purification filters.
Avagadro's Lab Supplies Inc.
Suppliers of a wide range of school and science lab equipment.
Az Instrument Corp.
Developer and manufacturer of hand held test and measurement instruments, for measuring pH, temperature, millivolts, and other laboratory values.
Bellco Biotechnology
Provides innovative laboratory glassware, plasticware, equipment and accessories to the marketplace.
Benz International (Mehta Corporation)
Manufacturers and OEM suppliers of laboratory instruments, scientific equipment, microscopes and anatomical models.
Biotechnologies Inc.
Indian manufacturer and exporter of bioreactors, autoclaves, laboratory pcr, centrifuges, ovens and other laboratory equipment.
Boekel Scientific
Manufactures science labware: dry bath incubators, hybridization, ovens, dessicators, benchtop coolers/freezers, clinical products, water baths and circulators, ultrasonic cleaners, aspirator pumps.
Brand GMBH and CO
Manufacturer of laboratory equipment liquid handling, volumetric instruments of glass (and plastic), reusable and consumable plasticware
BridgePath Scientific
Distributors of a wide range of new and used lab equipment and products. Also offers biopharmaceutical and genetic services and the production, purification, and characterization of recombinant proteins.
Brinkmann Instruments
A supplier of laboratory products manufactured by Metrohm, Buchi, Lauda, Binder, Kinematica, Seward, Tuttnauer.
BVA Scientific
Distributors of prepared and dehydrated media, glassware, plasticware, chemicals, reagents, buffers, filters, equipment, and gloves from a wide variety of manufacturers. Online catalog for your convenience.
B√úCHI Labortechnik,
A supplier of laboratory apparatus and instruments for Science, NIR-Spectroscopy.
Chromatography supplies, general lab supplies.
Capitol Scientific
Distributor of reagent chemicals and a range of laboratory equipment.
Carl Stuart Group
Distributor of general laboratory, chromatography and environmental monitoring equipment and supplies. Also provides technical support, validation, repair and calibration services.
Carolina Biological Supply Co.
Provides supplies, educational resources, and lab aids to science and mathematics teachers.
Charnwood Instrumentation Services
UK supplier of specialist measuring instruments including thermometers, hydrometers, pressure gauges, transducers and process control equipment.
Manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies, tubing, pump systems, glassware, process automation and fluid handling equipment. General lab supplies.
Colonial Scientific
A lab supply distributor. General laboratory supplies. Registration required for use.
Cos Lab India
General laboratory equipment, mostly for educational uses.
Crown Scientific
An online catalogue of laboratory consumables, scientific instruments and equipment. Registration required to use fully.
Daigger Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
Laboratory equipment, scientific supplies and instruments for chemistry, research, and biotechnology laboratories.
Delta Trading and Development
Supplier of a wide range of high-technology analytical and research equipment, molecular biology reagents and kits, rapid tests, fine chemicals and consumables.
Laboratory air and gas drying unit is an all-purpose drier. Vent Drier Systems for drums and small tanks, drying organic liquids, polyurethane reactants, gases and solids. Drierite is anhydrous calcium sulfate.
Eastern Scientific LLC
Custom manufacturing of electronic and electro-mechanical devices for research laboratories. Low cost lab equipment, custom and off the shelf.
Education Science
Supplier of general laboratory supplies, glassware, chemical, microscopes, physics, chemistry and biology supplies.
Educational Scientific Supplies Company India
General laboratory supplies, including microscopes, audio and visual aides, educational accessories, lab glassware, chemicals and medical and surgical instruments.
European distributor of a range of analytical equipment including UV-VIS and atomic absorption spectrophotometers, EDXRF spectrometers, XRF gold analyzers and gold testing equipment.
Eppendorf AG
A biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and distributes systems comprising instruments, consumables and reagents for use in laboratories for life science research, cell technology, molecular biolology, cell biology, liquid handling, centrifugation and sample preparation.
Canadian supplier of laboratory instruments, COD analysers, digestion sblocks, evaporators, extractors, incubators, distillers, freezedryers, ovens, equipment and consumables, for environment, life science, biotechnology and petroleum industry.
Manufacturers of ph meter, conductivity meter, tds meter, colorimeter, electrodes, power supply and ph controller.
Lab supplies for physics, chemistry, and biology courses. Products include microscopes and audio/visual aids.
Bulk suppliers of lab and pharmaceutical glassware including ampoules, vials, tubes and other products.
Essex Scientific Laboratory Supplies
Distributors of laboratory equipment, consumables and reference standards. Specialising in chromatography and liquid handling products manufactured by Hamilton, Agilent, Inorganic Ventures, Chromacol, Daicel Chiral, Hirschmann, Vistalab and Atago.
Euro Lab Supplies Ltd
Independent UK distributor of laboratory chemicals and apparatus. Includes product catalogue, special offers and online shopping.
Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd.
Manufacturers of quality, robust portable thermometers, probes and manometers.
Excel Technologies, Inc.
Laboratory supplies, microscopes, imaging systems, and laboratory equipment.
Factory Supply.
Plastic hoppers, rubber bins, stainless hand carts. Hospitals, bakeries and bottling. All useful items for the laboratory.
Flexible Scientific
California based distributor of general lab equipment, including magnetic stirrers, lab incubators, lab baths and orbital shakers.
Franz Widder GmbH
Hydrometers and thermometers for special use and general lab use.
Scientific instruments distributor. Products for materials testing, the environment, meteorology, geomatics and biotechnology.
Genser Company
A manufacturer that produces: technical, rotary evaporators, extraction systems, vacuum pumps, vacuum controllers and sodium presses.
Laboratory stirring, heating,mixing,vortexing,and shaking. Combinatorial, pulse or no pulse vortexing with or without heat.
Global Scientific Supply
Distributor of a wide range of laboratory and scientific equipment.
GPS Instrumentation Ltd
Exclusive distributors of KEM Electronics Manufacturing products in the UK and Ireland, including refractometers, density meters and titration products.
Gupta Agencies
Exporter and supplier of instruments and equipment for laboratory, scientific and educational purposes, based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India.
Hilton Instruments
Distributor of laboratory instruments, glassware and glass bottles, plastic containers and tinplate containers to oil QC and QA laboratories.
ICL Calibration Laboratories, Inc.
Calibrated ASTM thermometers and hydrometers, calibration services offered.
Distributor of laboratory materials, specializing in water purifications technology and balances. Contacts in Boutersem, Belgium. [Dutch?French/German/English]
ISE Interface Systems Engineering Ltd.
Design and manufacturer of laboratory products for the research lab. Products include shakers, thermoelectric coolers and cell counters.
J H Berge, Inc.
Glassware, plasticware, ph meters, scientific equipment and general lab supplies.
John Morris Scientific
Distributor of a wide range of scientific, testing and analyzing equipment. Products are available for sale in Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of the South West Pacific.
JS Exports
A distributor of general laboratory equipment, for educational and industrial labs.
Keison Products
Distributors of a wide range of laboratory equipment.
Scientific and laboratories supplies and equipment distributor.
Lab Coats Unlimited
Sell lab coats to businesses and individuals. Has a product listing and online ordering.
The Lab Depot, Inc.
Chemicals, glassware, plasticware, chemistry products, pH equipment, balances, scales. Sales to companies and individuals.
Lab Resource, Inc.
Distributors of hematology, chemistry and coagulation analyzers, reagents and laboratory instruments. Also offers service, repair and parts.
The Lab Warehouse
Offers a broad range of laboratory equipment, instruments and consumables to purchase online.
Labconco Corporation :
Manufacturer of laboratory equipment.
Temperature controlled equipment, baths, sterilizers, refrigerated chambers, and water distillers. Located in Australia.
Laboratory Equipment Online
An excellent international resource for the laboratory equipment industry.
Distributors of a range of laboratory equipment including autoclaves, centrifuges, cabinets, refractometers, viscometers and weights.
A distributor of scientific equipment and laboratory supplies to the life science, pharmaceutical, laboratory, government, and university markets.
Labsupply China
A few general purpose instruments for the lab.
LabVision AB
Pipettes, laser sources for DNA analysis and incubators. Genomic research equipment.
Scientific, equipment, laboratory, glassware, pipe fittings, pumps, valves, manufacturer and exporter.
Analytical instrumentation for organic and inorganic analysis, separation science, metallographics, and optics.
Lennox Laboratory
Laboratory reagents, consumables general lab supplies and instrumentation.
Markson LabSales
Laboratory products for chromatography, filtration, glassware and plasticware, refractometry, temperature, water analysis, weighing and pH measurement.
Discounted lab, cleanroom and safety supplies.
Potentiometric titrators, voltammetric and polarographic apparatus, Karl Fischer titrators, ion chromatography, meters for pH, conductivity and ion concentration.
MG Scientific
Distributors of a full line of laboratory equipment for life science, environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical and government labs.
Distributor of a range of laboratory equipment and supplies, plastics, kits and reagents and tissue culture supplies.
Millipore Filters
Filtration and purification products available.
Mindex Ltd
General chemistry laboratory reagents and equipment.
Niagara Scientific Products
Sales and service of laboratory equipment and supplies. Includes details of products and brands, and contact information.
Nickel Electro Ltd
Sells block heaters, cabinets, centrifuges, hot plates, magnetic stirrers, mixers, sterilizers, ultrasonics, water baths and metalware. Includes company profile.
Nippon Instruments North America
Designs, manufactures, services and sells mercury analyzers for a range of different sample types.
North East Laboratory Supplies
NELS primary dealer for Merck and other suppliers in the North East of England, supplying laboratory chemicals, apparatus, and scientific equipment.
North Star
Distributors of BioTek microplate readers, washers, liquid handling and software, and Uvikon and PRIM spectrophotometers. Also offers spares, consumables, service and after sales support.
Ogawa Seiki Co., Ltd.
OSC is a distributor of instruments for scientific research including laboratory ware and analysis, measuring and testing instruments.
Omega Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturer of process and laboratory measurement and control products. Thermocouples, data conversion products, pressure sensors, flow and level sensors, pH and conductivity sensors and heaters for the lab.
Optolab Zone
Suppliers and exporters of microscopes, ophthalmic instruments, and a wide range of scientific and laboratory equipment and supplies.
P&R Labpak Limited
UK distributor of lab supplies, chemical reagents, labware and equipment.
PCE Group
Distributor of general laboratory measuring equipment, control systems, scales and balances.
Philip Harris Scientific
A distributor of laboratory and scientific equipment, reagents, chemicals and glassware supplies for tissue culture, cryogenic storage, and general laboratory use.
Popular Science Apparatus Workshops
Manufacturers and exporters of laboratory equipment, instruments, glassware and chemicals.
PT Karunia Jasindo
Importer and distributor of laboratory reagents, instruments and accessories, also offering laboratory instrument service and repair. Jakarta, Indonesia.
QCL Scientific
Suppliers of a wide range of laboratory equipment, instruments, supplies, kits and analysers.
Research Products International
Scintillation vials, general laboratory supplies. A very wide selection.
Distributor of medical and scientific equipment in Saudi Arabia.
Sadana Brothers (Shinco)
Manufacturers and exporters of science educational instruments, microscopes, acrylic cubes and blocks, beakers, burners, tubes, calorimeter set general laboratory equipment.
Scientific products for education and research.
The Science Fair
Science supplies, telescopes, microscopes, chemicals glassware. Science project kits.
Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories
A supplier of science education supplies and materials for elementary and secondary schools, covering Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Physics, and Physical sciences., Inc.
Supplier of science education equipment, science kits, chemicals and lab supplies for K-12 and college, covering Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Physics.
Scientific & Medical Products Ltd
UK based distributor of scientific laboratory equipment.
Scientific and Containment Consultants
South African distributor of fume cupboards, storage cabinets, cleanroom equipment, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets and freezers.
Scitech Scientifics
Authorised dealers of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and supplier of a wide range of scientific and laboratory equipment and supplies. Mumbai, India.
Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing, Inc
Contract manufacturer specializing in fire-control equipment, as well as a distributor of surveying instruments, microscopes and Zeiss planetaria.
Service For Science and Industry, Inc.
An exporting wholesale distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies, glassware, plasticware and reagents.
Analytical, scientific, biotech, medical, research, laboratory.
Sirex S.A.
General scientific and medical lab products and equipment.
SKS Science
Distributor of a wide range of laboratory equipment including heat guns, filling machines, plastic bag sealers, pipette controllers, label dispensers, mixers and magnetic stirrers.
Solent Scientific
Manufacturer of microscope incubators. Distributor of lamps and supplies for AA, UV/Vis, GC and HPLC
Southwest Science
Lab equipment and supplies, OEM and custom product design and manufacturing.
Southwest Scientific, Inc.
Specializes in laboratory, pharmaceutical, biotechnology equipment and instrumentations.
Swastika Bio Remedies (P) Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of science teaching equipment for physics, chemistry and biology.
Swiss Instruments Ltd
Canadian distributor for Lista Metal Storage cabinets, shelving and workbenches, precision metrology equipment and precision industrial machinery.
Cyclone, calorimetry, retention time distribution, tracer experiment, controller, data logger, display, scale, fermentor, fractions collector, syringe pump and peristaltic pump.
Thomas Scientific
Worldwide supplier of scientific laboratory equipment and supplies
Timstar Laboratory Suppliers
Supplier of laboratory and educational products and services to schools in the UK.
Total Lab Systems Ltd
Distributor of general lab equipment.
Tovatech Inc.
Distributor of laboratory equipment including flow meters, digital scales, spectrophotometers, ultrasonic cleaners, gas and ion chromatographyequipment and moisture analyzers.
TQ Education and Training
A supplier of technical equipment, educational services and project management to schools, colleges, universities and training centers .
United Scientific (Pty) Ltd
Southern African distributor of a wide variety of laboratory equipment, analytical and scientific lab instruments.
USA Scientific
Laboratory products source for molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, radiation safety, drug discovery, and high throughput screening.
Utech Products, Inc.
Distributor and manufacturer of laboratory equipment and chemicals for life science, microbiology, chromotography and safety.
VEE GEE Scientific, Inc.
Wholesale laboratory supplies and equipment; highlighting VEE GEE, VanGuard, Sibata, and Bellwether products.
Voight Global Distribution
Laboratory supplies and raw food and cosmetic ingredients.
Voigt Global Distribution
Reagent chemicals, BBL, DIFCO biologicals and a wealth of scientific instruments.
VWR International
A laboratory supplier and distributor of chemicals, life science products, consumables, equipment, instruments, furniture, e-commerce and services.
Wolf Laboratories Ltd.
Supplies various types of new and reconditioned laboratory equipment. Includes products, manufacturers, quote request form, and service capabilities from Pocklington, England.
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