Sadana Brothers (Shinco)
Manufacturers and exporters of science educational instruments, microscopes, acrylic cubes and blocks, beakers, burners, tubes, calorimeter set general laboratory equipment.
Scientific products for education and research.
The Science Fair
Science supplies, telescopes, microscopes, chemicals glassware. Science project kits.
Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories
A supplier of science education supplies and materials for elementary and secondary schools, covering Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Physics, and Physical sciences., Inc.
Supplier of science education equipment, science kits, chemicals and lab supplies for K-12 and college, covering Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and Physics.
Scientific & Medical Products Ltd
UK based distributor of scientific laboratory equipment.
Scientific and Containment Consultants
South African distributor of fume cupboards, storage cabinets, cleanroom equipment, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets and freezers.
Scitech Scientifics
Authorised dealers of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and supplier of a wide range of scientific and laboratory equipment and supplies. Mumbai, India.
Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing, Inc
Contract manufacturer specializing in fire-control equipment, as well as a distributor of surveying instruments, microscopes and Zeiss planetaria.
Service For Science and Industry, Inc.
An exporting wholesale distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies, glassware, plasticware and reagents.
Analytical, scientific, biotech, medical, research, laboratory.
Sirex S.A.
General scientific and medical lab products and equipment.
SKS Science
Distributor of a wide range of laboratory equipment including heat guns, filling machines, plastic bag sealers, pipette controllers, label dispensers, mixers and magnetic stirrers.
Solent Scientific
Manufacturer of microscope incubators. Distributor of lamps and supplies for AA, UV/Vis, GC and HPLC
Southwest Science
Lab equipment and supplies, OEM and custom product design and manufacturing.
Southwest Scientific, Inc.
Specializes in laboratory, pharmaceutical, biotechnology equipment and instrumentations.
Swastika Bio Remedies (P) Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of science teaching equipment for physics, chemistry and biology.
Swiss Instruments Ltd
Canadian distributor for Lista Metal Storage cabinets, shelving and workbenches, precision metrology equipment and precision industrial machinery.
Cyclone, calorimetry, retention time distribution, tracer experiment, controller, data logger, display, scale, fermentor, fractions collector, syringe pump and peristaltic pump.
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