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Carolina Wetland Services
Consultants based in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in wetland-related permitting, mitigation, delineation and evaluation.
Cress Water Ltd.
UK firm specialized in the design and installation of reed-beds, ponds and wetlands for treatment of sewage and other wastewater effluents, ornamental water features, and secondary-use water resources.
Danena Engineering Associates
Consultants in wetlands delineation, wetlands protection, conservation planning, hydrology, stormwater management, and related science/engineering areas. Offices in Florida and Massachusetts.
Ecological Solutions, Inc.
U.S. firm. Services include Section 404 permitting, wetland and stream mitigation, mitigation banking, and environmental construction management.
Environmental Permitting Consultants, Inc.
South Carolina based firm specializing in stream and wetland consulting. Services offered include wetland delineations, permitting, stream and wetland mitigation and restoration and threatened and endangered species assessments.
Estes Design Inc.
Environmental design and consulting for stream and wetlands restoration. Recently completed research on plunge pools for the urban piedmont of North Carolina.
Gulf South Research Corporation
A small, woman-owed, 8(a) certified small business engaged in conducting NEPA, wetland, endangered species, cultural resource, and other environmental services.
Intermountain Aquatics
Idaho-based company offers wetland delineation, mitigation, permitting, and restoration services, as well as upland habitat restoration, in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.
KBA EnviroScience, Inc.
Firm specializing in wetland delineation, permitting, and design of wetlands for wastewater treatment or mitigation. Serves primarily southcentral US.
Riverman Engineering
Specializes in fluvial geomorphology, assessments, restoration, stream bank stabilization, and fisheries habitat improvement.
Rudikoff Associates, Inc. Environmental Consultants
Consulting firm offering wetland delineations and restoration plans, aquatic resources management plans, stream bank protection and restoration plans, and related services. Information about wetlands, New York environmental law, and other topics. Based in Hudson River Valley, NY.
The Swamp School
Provides discipline-focused education and training in environmental and wetlands management.
Watershed Environmental
Provides GIS, watershed and wetland delineation, botanical analysis, and mitigation monitoring. Santa Barbara, CA.
Wetland Ecological Services Team, LLC
WEST provides wetland and riparian management, monitoring, and technical services throughout Colorado. Services offered include management and monitoring plans, implementation of plans, baseline report documentation, workshop administration and technical assistance.
Wetland Solutions, Inc.
Specialists in treatment wetland planning, design, and implementation, working throughout the United States. Describes qualifications and provides downloadable copies of publications by the company principals.
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