Suppliers of wastewater-related products and services related to the treatment, stabilization and use of aerobic and anaerobic sludges, bio-solids and odors for the municipal, industrial and institutional markets.
Activated Sludge Information Systems
Information on microscopy methods for process control, bulking prevention, sludge flocs, filamentous organisms, scum and related areas. CD-ROM products for analysts and process opeartors.
Biocube, Inc.
Specializing in biofilters and biofiltration devices for odor control of hydrogen sulfide and other organics from municipal and industrial wastewater collection and treatment processes.
Bright Technologies
Providing twin belt filter press systems for dewatering sludge. Provide individual components, skid mounted units or trailer mounted units. They also provide contract dewatering and rental units.
CHI SHUN Machinery Plant Co. Ltd
Quality endorsed to ISO 9001. A professional manufacturer of belt press, filter press, sludge dryer,DAF system, sludge scraper, bar screen, chemical preparation system, and wastewater treatment.
Providing odor control, H2S removal and mercaptan removal. Manufacturers representative for waste water, aerators, air valves, SBR systems and UV systems.
Digester cleaning specialists -Other services include dewatering, sludge removal, pumping, waste management, polyethylene welding, hydro testing, pipeline construction. Established in Australia and New Zealand
Fluid Technology Inc.
De-watering of sludge, liquid/solids separation, process clarification and discharge compliance for industrial and municipal concerns.
Gravity Flow Systems Southwest, Inc.
Manufacturer of gravity solids / liquid separation equipment, Wedgewater rapid sludge dewatering bed media, Lateral Flow sludge thickener, Wedgewater sieves.
Hobson Choice Press
Offers a book on "Activated Sludge: Evaluating and Controlling Your Process."
Huber Technology
For sludge dewatering, sewage treatment, effluent treatment, waste water treatment, preliminary treatment, tertiary treatment, industrial treatment, grit treatment, grit classifiers and grit classifying.
Innovative Technology for sludge and odor
Pollution prevention technologies for recycling used water based cleaners, and for treatment of sludges, odors and VOCs.
Lakeside Equipment Company
Wastewater equipment for treatment facilities, industrial and municipal. Water Purification Since 1928.
MSD Environmental
Source for mobile mechanical solids dewatering needs.
North American Digester Cleaning Services
Provides digester and pond cleaning, bio-solids screening, bio-solids hauling, dredging, dewatering, sludge drying and disposal options.
Nutri Ject Systems, Inc.
Removal and land application of solids from wastewater and water treatment facilities
Odor Control Company, Inc.
Odor control products and advice for a wide variety of odor control problems.
Optifloc Systems
A mechanical polymer/sludge mixer for application in the dewatering of municipal, industrial and ATAD sludges.
Oy Ekotuotanto AB
Belt filter presses for effective sludge dewatering.
Pennsylvania Sewage Sludge Issues
Sewage sludge ("biosolids") imports into PA, land-application, landfills and recycling of biosolids. Specifics about Manor Landfill and A and M Composting (Mascaro)in Lancaster County, PA.
QM Environmental Services Ltd.
Products are: MICROCAT, iSOC units and analytical instruments. Applications are wastewater treatment, grease and fat removal, bioremediation, cleaning, odor control, composting, agriculture and aquaculture.
Solids Technology
Sludge dewatering technology, including specifications of the Unison Range of Belt Filter Presses and details of one time licensing agreements of sludge dewatering systems.
Syneco Systems, Inc.
Manufactures odor control equipment and chemicals for use in municipal and industrial wastewater collection lines, wastewater treatment plants, and foul air treatment systems.
Terran Renewal Services
TRS has built a solid reputation in the sludge management industry,including poultry, paper,agriculture, food processing, animal food, and waste recycling industries, as well as municipalities and utilities.
Thermal Process Systems
Product information on the ThermAer ATAD and Ambio Biofilter. Contact and Rep information.
Valve Specialties
Exclusive valve representatives of water and wastewater markets in North and South Carolina. Valves include, tideflex, pinch, plug, butterfly and related products.
Waste Water Treatment Specialists
Industry leaders in the design and manufacture of waste water treatment equipment for commercial and industrial applications.
Wastewater Solids Management Company
Digester cleaning, lagoon cleaning, land application, dredging,wastewater solids management, screening,dewatering pumping and hauling of biosolids, technical assistance in all areas of water and wastewater operation and maintenance.
Westfalia Separator Belgium
Centrifuges and decanters for mechanically clarifying and separating liquids and solids.
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