Suppliers of filtration, or ultra-filtration processes and equipment for the wastewater-related industies specifically related to handling suspended particles for use in the municipal, industrial and institutional markets.

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Alar Engineering Corporation
Manufacturer and installer of wastewater treatment systems and sludge dewatering equipment for water pollution control.
Aquantis GmbH
Specialists in solutions for complex wastewater treatment applications. The technology is based on the interaction of biological wastewater treatment and modern membrane filtration.
Association of 3 Co.,Ltd.
Manufacture of water treatment equipment in Thailand.
Auxill Nederland BV
Supplies filters, filtration techniques, separation techniques and water treatment systems.
Bausch Technical Support;
Specialized in installations of membrane filtration, biological wastewater treatment and oil and grease separators. Represents ZIMMERMANN GmbH and KRUG Abwassertechik for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Blue Water Technologies Inc.
Offers new technologies to remove phosphorus, nitrate, arsenic, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and other contaminants from drinking and wastewater utilizing a gravity sand filter system.
Clearwater Industries, Inc.
Water clarification for aggregate producers. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation
Building cost effective water treatment clarifiers using dissolved air floatation.
Drummond and Company
Manufacturer of automatic wastewater samplers and piston type metering pumps.
F. D. Deskins Company, Inc.
Water and wastewater treatment technology for agriculture. Quick dry process creates class A biosolids with value and a clear solution.
Filtration Solutions Inc.
Full service manufacturers of membrane filtration systems. Main applications include fuel filtration, reverse osmosis, and wastewater treatment. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Filtration Solutions Pty Ltd
An Australian company which designs and supplies cost effective, innovative and high quality solutions to industrial filtration and effluent treatment needs.
FKC Screw Press and Rotary Screen Thickener
Equipment to dewater biosolids and other wastestreams for municipal and industrial applications.
Fluid Dynamics, Inc.
High-energy, non-damaging polymer activation and blending systems with non-mechanical design.
Gebrüder Decker Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
Construction of installations for waste water cleaning using ion exchangers.
Headworks Inc.
Solutions provider in screening and solids handling for the wastewater treatment industry.
Huzhou Storm Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd.
China. Specializes in plant design and construction for water treatment, using filtration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange processes.
Hydro Dyne
Manufacturer of water and wastewater screening equipment.
Idroconsult S.R.L.
Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment, including reverse osmosis plants, ultrafiltration plants,chemical-physical plants, biological plants. Experts in water recycling.
Single chemical fiber is piled up in thousands of pieces, after which piston pressure compresses filtering material to activate filtration process.
Larson and Associates, INC
Specialists in filtration, from small bag filters and super sacks to large industrial cooling towers.
M.W. Watermark
Supplier of new, used, and refurbished water and wastewater equipment, as well as OEM parts and service support.
New Logic Research, Inc.
Provider of membrane filtration systems used in a wide variety of applications from pure water and wastewater treatment to chemical process clarifications. Product information, target markets, white papers, company profile, and contact details.
Nijhuis Water Technology
Design, manufacture and worldwide installation and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment plants, include filters, chemical treatment, Dissolved Air Flotation and biological treatment. Rental and pilot plants are available.
Nirmal Poly Plast Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of membrane filter press equipment.
Oil Skimmers for Industrial Applications
Skimtech is a manufacturer of oil skimmers for process and environmental applications. Typical applications include in-plant sumps, tanks, coolant systems and oil/water settling basins, outdoor cooling and settling ponds, and API separators.
Pollard Industries, LLC
Provides disposable bags and cartridge filters, as well as backwashing and blowback systems. Also offers wastewater treatment solutions including biological remediation.
Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC
PEWE manufactures a complete line of liquid/solid separation systems. Products include dissolved air flotation, clarifiers, settlers, oil/water separators, screens, dewatering systems and chemical feed equipment.
Reclaim filters and system, Inc.
Water reclamation equipment for the car wash, agricultural and industrial marketplace. Products include complete systems, ozone odor control, filters, and self cleaning filters.
Rochem Separation Systems
Advanced technology products for effluent recycling, desalination and waste water treatment, using reverse osmosis and high quality membranes. All products manufactured in India.
Rotorflush Filters
Self cleaning filtration products, applications, flow rates and screen apertures. Tailor made solutions for filtration problems.
RPA Process Technologies
Belt, disc, and drum filters, liquid-solid separators to ensure efficient removal of harmful and environmentally damaging elements like aluminum salt residue, fly ash, and desulfurization of flue gases.
Sachin Filtech
Providing dewatering system press filter, sludge and sewage filtration, liquid solid separation.
Manufacturer of wastewater and waste treatment equipment including rotating sieves, trommels, dissolved air flotation units, screw compactors, screw conveyors and sand classifiers.
Sonitec Inc.
Provides water filtration equipment for drinking water processing, industrial processing and wastewater.
Trionetics Inc.
Specializes in IX, membrane filtration, DI, mixed bed DI, ultrapure water and water recycling systems for electronics, printed circuit board and metal-finishing industries.
Unifilt Corporation
Specializing in manufacture, distribution, removal, and installation of filtering materials used in both municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities. Unifilt has over 4000 installations operating worldwide.
Zena Membranes
Manufacturer of hollow fiber membranes and modules for waste water treatment, RO pretreatment, contactor and degassing applications.
Zenon Environmental, Inc.
Membrane technologies for water purification, wastewater treatment and water recycling. Technologies include microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.
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