Suppliers of products designed to monitor or meter the municipal or industrial wastewater treatment processses.
Applied Spectrometry Associates, Inc.
ChemScan Process Analyzers for on-line and real-time water and wastewater chemical analysis. Analyzer systems are capable of detecting individual or multiple parameters and automatically monitoring multiple sample points.
AppliTech, Inc., Inc.
Custom software program designed specifically for tracking on-site wastewater systems, especially aerobic septic system.
Manufacturer of automatic stationary and portable wastewater samplers for industry.
Aquarius Technologies Pty Ltd
Manufactures water treatment dosage and control equipment, pH, ORP, conductivity, and corrosion. microprocessor based dosage and control systems for cooling towers, steaming boilers, swimming pools, post harvest, hydroponics, potable water, trade waste, and effluent water.
Attitude Techonolgy
Automatic storm water diversion systems for preventing hydraulic overload of sewer systems.
Warn the right people in your organization when something goes wrong~ or terribly wrong with your commercial municipal or private water, wastewater and other turbidity temperature, gas detection level flow or other monitoring and control.
Data Flow Systems' SCADA Systems
Manufactures SCADA Systems designed specifically for use in the water and wastewater industry. Products include complete HMI, Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Pump Controllers and PLCs.
DESCAR Software: Outflow Modeling
Software for analysis of pollution in environment including fluid flow modeling, environmental modeling, fluid flow simulation, environmental impact assessment, fluid flow analysis and environment simulation.
Devar Inc.
Manufactures electronic design and application engineering including signal isolators, conditioners and calibrators, loggers and records, pneumatic instrumentation, water and wastewater products.
Fluid Pinpointing Services
Specialized leak detection services to help maintain water systems, reduce operating costs, and conserve water.
Force Flow and Chemical Monitoring Systems
Manufacturer of scales and ultrasonic sensors for monitoring chemical usage, level and feed rate. Monitor tanks, cylinders, IBC totes, drums and dry feeders for chlorine, fluoride, polymer, and other chemicals.
Inventive Systems Inc.
Manufactures Oil-in-Water alarms and monitors. These products are used to detect the amount of hydrocarbons in water before the water is discharged into the environment.
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
Offers systems to measure microorganisms in water, wastewater or soil through detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
MAG Systems Inc.
Specialist applications of process control and analytical instrumentation used by professionals operating and maintaining water plants, pumping stations, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants.
Mission Communications
Provides cellular telemetry equipment and notification services for monitoring lift stations.
N-CON Systems
Provides a list and descriptions of water pollution control products offered. Includes wastewater composite samplers, respirometers, and on-line inhibition monitors.
NBT Telemetry Equipment and SCADA Systems
NBT manufacturers Telemetry hardware, SCADA system and Data Acquisition equipment. Provide a complete line of Telemetry Products including Spread Spectrum Wireless Radios, Wireless Modems, Programmable Logic Controllers, and RTUs.
Solution provider for industrial purification processes. Research and development of chromatographic purification technologies on a preparative scale. Manufacture of industrial chromatographic systems.
Respirometry Plus
Respirometers along with respirometry as operation tools for the wastewater treatment field.
Providing water processing system,environmental and medical equipment,photo surface processing units and lamps,specializing in UV/Ozone applied and pollution-free surface processing,curing,sterilization and deodorization.
Sparrow Water
Supply of parts, installation and maintenance contracts and services for waste water and sewage systems. Clean water systems including boreholes, filtration and treatment are provided.
Specter Instruments
Alarm notification and monitoring software geared towards wastewater treatment plants as well as many other industrial applications.
Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.
Supplier of hand held oil in water monitors. Continuous, on-line monitors that provides hydrocarbon and oil in water detection.
Provider of control systems, access doors, sewage control, wastewater controls, meter vaults, fuel storage tanks, flow gates, dump truck boxes, sewage stations, hatch doors and alarm monitors.
Worldstone, Inc.
The Septicwatch monitor monitors actual sludge, scum and liquid levels in septic tanks and grease traps.
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