Suppliers of wastewater-related products and services specifically related to handling fats, oils, greases (FOGS) and other lighter than water flotables for the municipal, industrial and institutional markets.
Advanced Microbial Services
Promoting applied biotechnology for environmental remediation solutions in oil field paraffin control, soil, groundwater and surfacewater bioremediation, restaurant grease control and industrial wastewater enhancements.
Bristol International Corp.
Specializes in centrifuge and filtration systems for liquid solid separation, coolant recycling, oily wastewater treatment, waste oil recycling, metal working fluids, new and reconditioned basket centrifuges, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and micro filtration systems.
Can-Am Instruments Ltd.
Oil in water detection and monitoring.
Catering Waste and Sludges
UK company experienced in recycling waste or surplus catering products. Nationwide collection service available.
Daftech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Specialists in wastewater treatment by dissolved air flotation used for fibre recovery in paper mills and industrial wastewater treatment.
Austrian manufacturer and patent holder of high efficiency coalescing oil water separators (ecoSep and ecoTop), petroleum spill control systems (ecoStop, SPCC), grease interceptors (ecoGrease) and adsorption post treatment systems (ecoSorp).
Edible Oil Treatment
Water and waste water treatment, effluent treatment plants to remove oil and grease and other types of treatment plants well-suited for the edible oil industry.
Fatstrippa Grease Trap
Offers a patented grease separation system for use in many applications where fats, oils and grease can cause blockages in waste pipes.
Offers stainless steel filtration mesh grease traps for small and large catering establishments.
Filtramax Inc - Filtration Specialists
Filtramax provides filtration for hydraulic and lube systems, compressed air and gases, process and water filtration, dust collection systems and oil purification systems.
Freytech, Inc.
Specialists in enhanced coalescing oil water separators, filters for heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates, and sediment, oil spill control valves, and animal fat and kitchen grease interceptors.
G-Force BV
Slop oil - seperator using g-force.
Canadian company offers grease trap solutions, removing fat, oil and grease from restaurant dishwaters, rinse sinks and compartment sinks.
Fully automatic biological grease management system for commercial kitchens. The bio-enzymatic fluid digests fats, oils and greases to prevent grease build-up and clogged drains.
Hydro Quip Inc.
Manufacturer of water treatment equipment: Oil water separators, clarifiers, aerators, filters.
International GRD
Manufacturers of automatic grease traps for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Grease recovery device offer a less expensive grease trap installation and easier maintenance than the traditional outdoor in ground tanks. IAPMO and PDI listed.
JR Grease Services
Helps restaurants and other food service companies with their grease traps interceptors system, grease collection, high pressure jet plumbing, pressure washing and maintenance in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area, USA.
McTighe Industries
Designs and sells oil-water separators. A division of Billion International.
Mycelx Filtration Systems
Manufactures industrial wastewater filtration products for oil and hydrocarbon removal from water and air with patented polymeric surfactant technology.
NAG Marine
Designs, installs, sells and services advanced products for shipboard fluid systems including oily water separators and oil content monitors.
Oil Lift
Non-toxic cleaner for the removal of oil and grease from driveways, cars, trucks, cement, trains, plains and streets.
OKO-tech GmbH
Design, construct, and manufacture innovative solutions in the field of preliminary waste water treatment, with contaminated industrial waste waters being pre-treated by OKO-aquaclean equipment.
Pan America Environmental
Manufacturer of oil water separators, dissolved flotation, inclined plate clarifiers, slant plate clarifiers for the separation of petroleum products, solids, FOG, BOD, fuels, and metals.
Precision Systems Depth Charge
Wet well mixing system is designed to automatically prevent the build up of congealed grease on the surface of the wastewater and provide for its removal during the normal pumping cycle.
PS International
Over 20 years experience designing high performance and low maintenance oil-water separators. Offers a wide range of separator sizes and configurations including cylindrical and rectangular designs for above grade and below grade installations.
Sepa Waste Water Treatment
Australia based commercial and industrial waste water treatment specialists.
Skimoil, Inc.
A specialty design/manufacturer and distributor of marine and industrial pollution control equipment and systems, specializing in wastewater treatment, waste minimization, and recycling of liquid and solid oily wastes.
Swan Enviro
Manufacturers environmentally friendly stainless steel greasetraps.
Ultraspin Pty. Ltd.
Designs and manufactures oil water separators, oil skimmers, and vehicle washwater-reclaim systems. Includes a tutorial about the technologies.
Victor Marine Ltd
Leaders in oily water separation systems,bilge water separators and treatment systems.
Wash Bay Solutions
Offers low maintenance, heavy-duty water reclaim systems, clarifying oil water separators, and pressure washing systems.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturers
offers consultancy, design, turnkey supply for pollution control of wastewater with a specialisation in dissolved air flotation process.
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