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ABL Environmental Consultants Ltd
A Canadian engineering firm which provides products and specialized services in water and wastewater treatment process design, plant operations and plant optimization.
Advanced Chemical Technology
Industrial water treatment chemicals, equipment, and consulting for cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, and wastewater treatment.
Agri-Waste Technology, Inc.
Providing phase 1 study, waste management systems, permits for sludge, soil suitability tests, irrigation system design, waste utilization plans, expert witness, waste water and related services.
Atlantic Environmental Systems, Inc.
MOPS, manufactured odorless pump stations, is a system for engineering design, sizing, and permitting of sewage and wastewater lift stations made to meet the Ten States Standards.
Australian Wetlands Online
Consulting specialists in wetland design, wetland ecology, stormwater and wastewater treatment and reuse, water quality, weed control, wetland management, computer modelling. Working with engineers, landscape architects, planners, councils, government departments.
Bioazul S.L.
Provides services for companies and universities participating in international research and development projects in the field of environmental protection. Also commercialises innovative environmental products such as membranes for wastewater treatment.
Biospot biotechnology consultants
Landfill leachate treatment and MSW to green power and green fuels production.
Cabe Associates, Inc.
Providing professional treatment plant design, construction oversight, and permit negotiations for public and private clients, with an emphasis on food industry environmental issues.
Chem-Aid Services Inc
Canadian distributor of chlorination equipment and accessories for water and waste water treatment. Full range of accessories and chemical awareness training available. Distributor for Chlorine Institute emergency capping kits for chlorine, sulfur dioxide and anhydrous ammonia.
Construction EcoServices
Offers a broad range of storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) compliance services to general contractors, builders and developers.
Dave Miller
Environmental engineer in New Zealand. Provides independent advice on wastewater treatment systems, sewage treatment systems and septic tanks.
Dr. Peter Ott Garrel
Consultant in the field of water supply systems and waste water treatment.
Environmental and Turf Services, Inc.
Providing water quality impact assessments for agriculture, turf, and firing ranges.
Environmental Business Specialists, LLC
Wastewater consulting company specializing in providing solutions in the pulp and paper, municipal, food processing, refining and petrochemical processing industries throughout North America.
Environmental Engineering and Management Associates, Inc.
Water/wastewater treatment engineering, planning, and services for municipal and industrial applications.
Enviros Leachate Management Team
Landfill leachate management services, specialising in biological treatment processes. Contains technical information and downloadable articles and papers on leachate treatment.
Envirotech Consultants, Inc
Consulting, design and construction of wastewater treatment systems. Wetland plant propagation and native Midwestern plant nursery. Ohio.
Expertise Limited
Water and environmental engineering by chartered chemical engineer.
H2O Building Services
Water and effluent efficiency consultancy specialising in installation of cost reduction procedures.
Hitech International
Consultants in water and waste water technology. Offers a full range of engineering services from commissioning and trouble-shooting to complete design and supply.
Hytech Water
Specialists in the treatment of landfill leachate arising from landfill sites. Based in England, international projects.
Integrated Engineers Inc
Providing details of services, expertise, clients and testimonials. Oakhurst, California.
IPEC Global, Inc
Manufacturer of turn-key industrial wastewater treatment systems and equipment.
Juanicó - Environmental Consultants Ltd.
Conceptual and process design in environmental protection for warm regions.
Liberte Environmental Associates
Provide environmental engineering solutions to the Northwest. Emphasis on NPDES permitting, combined sewer overflow solutions, and drinking water treatment facilities.
Marshall Environmental Training and Consulting Group
Conducts training workshops for activated sludge, wastewater, bulking, filaments, aerated stabilization basins, lagoons and related topics. Also provides services in activated sludge troubleshooting, activated sludge bulking control, as well as treatment plant audits.
Matthew S. Marro
Offering a variety of environmental consulting service to families, business and government agencies.
Nelson and Company
A civil and environmental engineering firm in Birmingham, Alabama. They specialize in water and wastewater plants and system improvements, and work primarily for municipalities and public utility districts.
OSI Eagle Engineering Ltd.
Municipal engineering, wastewater treatment and new technologies for on-site wastewater systems.
Develops and produces purification systems for water, gases and air, using biotechnology.
Paramount Ltd.
Offers consultancy and turnkey project execution services in the field of treatment of industrial water, sewage and reuse.
Pollution Solutions and Designs
An Australian based specialist consultant that plans and designs solids processing facilities and management plans for water and wastewater treatment plants.
Ray Kenny Environmental Consulting
Offers training, troubleshooting, and optimization of activated sludge and aerated lagoon industrial wastewater treatment systems. Describes services and experience. Based in Ontario, Canada; has worked internationally.
Schreiter Engineering Associates, Inc
Consulting engineering firm specializing in the water and wastewater treatment field including planning, design, construction management, NPDES permitting assistance, and WWTP operations assistance.
Scientific Control Laboratories, Inc.
A certified laboratory and engineering firm offering wastewater treatment design and troubleshooting for industrial operations.
SFC Group
A group of companies specialized in water and wastewater treatment using most recent and reliable technologies.
The Stover Group
An internationally recognized organization providing specialty services and products covering virtually the full spectrum of water quality related issues.
Thompson Environmental Consulting
Specializing in water, wastewater, and wetland permitting, compliance, inspections and monitoring.
ThompsonRPM Wastewater Management Consultants
Screening plant and associated equipment. Water and wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution and disposal. Authors and publishers of Screen Selector 2001.
Transvac Systems
Provides consultancy, design, technical support and the supply of marine vacuum sewage systems and associated equipment to the marine and offshore industry.
Vexamus Water Ltd
Provider of integrated water purification and wastewater treatment solutions, offering a full design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance service to utility, construction and industrial companies.
Watling Hope Ltd
Environmental consultants providing solutions to a wide range of industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment problems. Based in UK.
Weiss Associates
Environmental risk management, pollution prevention, regulatory compliance, waste management, litigation support, and expert testimony. Located in Northern California.
Wenck Associates, Inc.
A professional engineering firm offering a full range of environmental and remediation services.
Wolverton Environmental Services
Developed and provides phytoremediation (plant + remediation) techniques for municipal, industrial and agricultural waste water. Located in Picayune, Mississippi.
Woodruff and Howe Environmental Engineering, Inc.
A full service environmental engineering consulting firm that specializes in planning, designing, and implementing effective solutions for environmental and regulatory concerns.
Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Provides a broad range of specialized planning and engineering services.
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