Suppliers of wastewater-related products and services related to the biological treatment and stabilization of wastewater using an aeration process alone or incombination with chemical flocculants for the municipal, industrial and institutional markets.
Aeration Store
Manufacturer of wastewater treatment aeration products including disc diffusers, fine and coarse bubble diffusers, complete aeration systems, and centrifugal, Roots type and side channel blowers.
Airmaster Aerator
Specializes in aerators, industrial wastewater treatment, aeration systems and equipment.
Arnold Ltd Environmental Technology Switzerland
A medium-sized Swiss company for vertical and horizontal mixers and agitatators for waste water treatment.
Bio-Bubble Ltd
Developed and produced patented Sequencing Batch Reactor technology for applications including domestic, municipal, and industrial effluent treatment.
Biogest International GmbH
Manufacturing and realizing of biological wastewater treatment plants (100-100,000 p.e.) and related products such as the BSK-turbine.
biological aeration
Designing and manufacture the disc/tubular diffuser for wastewater treatment and fish pond aeration.
Biothane Corporation
Developer of biological treatment systems for industrial wastewater, including anaerobic, aerobic and protein recovery systems, sulfur removal and water purification systems
Diffuser Express
Replacement diffuser membranes and units for water and wastewater aeration.
Environmental Dynamics Inc.
Biological wastewater systems utilizing fine and coarse bubble diffusers. Specialized in designing, developing, testing and manufacturing advanced technology aeration/mixing systems for municipal and industrial applications.
Helix Laboratories
Biological products for wastewater: Prime fermenter and manufacturer of high-potency bacteria and enzyme products for municipal, industrial, petro-chemical, marine and agricultural waste and wastewater treatment, cleaning and maintenance.
MBBR Biological Wastewater Plants
DAS compact package plants for wastewater, retrofit and upgrade wastewater plants, sewer plants, industrial bio treatment systems, ammonia and nutrient removal, MBBR, membranes, bio media, wastewater systems, sequencing batch reactors, grease traps, recycling systems and total solution WWTP plants
Newton Industrial Group Ltd
Developer and manufacturer of a patented aerator and oxygenator. We demonstrate how waste water and fish ponds can be aerated naturally using minimal energy.
Pumps Unlimited
Advisory services and products for irrigation and waste water management solutions through bio-remediation.
Pure Process Systems
Provides industrial process water treatment, reclamation, and reuse systems.
Roebic Technologies
Manufacturers of proprietary bacterial products for wastewater treatment.
S.C.M. Tecnologie
Offers a wide range of products and solutions for the treatment and conditioning of water to satisfy the many and varied design and plant engineering demands.
Septic Preservation Services
We restore failed, failing, or slow septic system leach fields through economical and environmentally safe bioremediation.
Septic Solutions Inc.
Manufactures environmentally safe septic systems.
Septic system aerator
Aerators for home septic tank systems.
Stamford Scientific International
Manufacturers of fine bubble diffusers, EPDM membranes, disc and tube diffusers, complete aeration systems, and roots and centrifugal blowers.
Triple D Pump Co.
Products for wastewater systems, specializing in submersible sewage pump systems. Also provides packaged lift stations and grinder pumps.
Victoria Precision Products
Septic and sewage systems installed and manufactured.
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