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AeroMod, Inc.
Provides products and engineered solutions for biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters, nutrient removal, aeration, filtration, and solids dewatering.
Airmaster Aerator, LLC
Offers high efficiency aeration equipment for wastewater plants. Applications including oxidizing iron and manganese and stripping hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gases.
Apyron Technologies, Inc.
Describes and offers company's patented adsorbent for water purification and wastewater treatment. Also offers catalysts, antimicrobials, and arsenic removal cartridges.
Aqua Science
Offers a wide range of water supply and treatment products including water well pumps, water softeners, filtration equipment, media and chemicals.
Aquadition Ltd,
UK based specialists in commercial and domestic water treatment. Provides details of the products available and services offered.
Big John Aerators
Offers paddlewheel aerators for use in aquaculture and other pond aeration applications. Alabama, USA.
BiOzone Corporation
Solves drinking water quality, waste water treatment and air purification control problems utilizing state-of-the-art, ozone generators to facilitate color removal and wastewater disinfection.
Bubfilter Industry Co. Ltd.
Taiwan company supplies and rents water and wastewater treatment equipment, including dewatering equipment, filter presses, and sand filters.
Clean-Flo International
Oxygenation systems to treat lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds and wastewater. Based in Florida.
Consolidated Water Conditioning
South African manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial water treatment equipment. Provides details of common water problems, the products available and projects.
Diamond Water Systems, Inc.
Specializes in quartz media filtration technology for water purification (both process and potable water systems).
ECOsmarte Planet Friendly West, LLC
Offers copper ionization and electronic oxidation combined with the multimedia filtration systems for the home or commercial use.
Enigma Electronic Descaler
Device that removes limescale, reducing maintenance and energy cost in a wide range of applications.
Epic International, Inc.
International supplier and manufacturer of treatment equipment such as aerators, mixers, screw pumps, and flight deks.
Filters and Industrial energy saving
Polyfilters supplies horizontal vacuum belt filters for process filtration and effluent sludge dewatering. Also Powerboss - energy saving for industrial electric motors.
Filtra Consultants & Engineers
Supplier of water treatment plant components to OEMs, based in Mumbai, India. Provides details of the product range and a company profile.
Green Country Environmental Associates (GCEA)
Designs, integrates, and installs solutions for magnetic fluid conditioning systems to reduce and prevent fluid scaling; improve air quality; and solve water filtration problems.
Hawker Softeners Ltd
UK based authorised dealer supplying Kinetico water softeners. Provides details of products, services and installations. Brochure available.
Hyland Equipment Company
Specializing in Ultrafiltration and Dissolved Air Flotation systems for environmental and industrial wastewater recycling.
Producer and supplier of equipment for wastewater and process water treatment - flotation, filtration, microfiltration, pressure filtration, sedimentation, concentration. Bilingual, English and Èesky
Jed Engineering
Ozonators and other devices for water conditioning.
Kibler Chemical Corp
A full service commercial and industrial water treatment company. St. Cloud, Oceaola County, Florida,
Lubron Water Technologies
UK provider of water treatment equipment, plant and services for clean water applications. Includes details of products and equipment, services and support and provides some case studies.
Equipment to eliminate scale in water. Applicable to plumbing and heating coils, air conditioning chillers, pools, and spas.
Mahir Technologies Inc.
Company engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of water treatment plants, distribution systems, treatment components and water treatment chemicals.
Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd
Animated website shows how to detect and control sludge bed, sludge blanket level, and automate the desludge pump. It also shows how to measure the concentration (density) of sludges and the suspended solids of slurries. Portable sludge depth meters are shown.
Masar Technologies
Unique technology and software system that monitors and reliably predicts fouling development in membrane systems for water desalination and treatment processes such as reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration.
Municipal Treatment Equipment, Inc.
Manufacturer's representative for water and wastewater treatment products. Lakewood, Colorado.
Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including ozone generators, ultraviolet disenfection and water treatment
Ozotech Inc.
Manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and residential ozone generation systems and air preparation equipment.
Scotmas Group
Scotland based anufacturer and supplier of chlorine dioxide water treatment systems, microbial biotechnology, insect repellents, insecticidal textiles and consumer product ingredients.
Stargate International
U.S. manufacturer of ozone generators for water treatment, odor control, and other applications.
TMI Salt Pure Corporation
Salt water chlorine generators.
UVTS Enviro Control
Malaysian firm supplying ultraviolet products including UVC germicidal lamp, water purification systems, air sanitizing systems, surface disinfection systems and UV monitoring equipment.
WPL Limited
Package sewage treatment systems. Includes product descriptions and departmental contacts.
Zeta Corporation
Sells patented, powerful technology for preventing the formation of scale, sludge, corrosion and biofouling in industrial water systems. The Zeta Rod system alters the surface characteristics of inorganic particles and microbes suspended in water and prevents them from sticking to wetted surfaces.
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