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Advanced Land and Water, Inc.
Hydrogeological services specializing in water supply development, fractured and karst bedrock groundwater investigations, and land application of wastewater. Maryland, USA.
Alpha Geoscience
Environmental site assessments and planning, field data collection and analysis, expert testimony, regulatory negotiation, and project implementation for water supply, waste disposal, remediation, mine permitting, and other geology and groundwater applications. Based in New York, USA.
Atlas Dewatering
Construction dewatering specialists, utilizing vacuum wellpoints, eductor/ejector wells and deep wells for construction and remediation projects involving complex site and soil conditions. North America.
Beatty & Associates Limited
Services include monitoring, supply, impact studies, stormwater infiltration, environmental site assessments, landfills, and remediation of contaminant impacts. Located in Bolton, Ontario.
Brunnen und Bohrlochinspektion GmbH
Provides inspection of water wells, geophysical well logging, material exploration, and drilling services. Gommern, Germany.
Cadillac Groundwater Services
Specializes in wellfield development and management, water supply, mine pit dewatering, groundwater monitoring, site assessment, and related services. Includes case histories of past projects. Colorado, USA.
CertainTech, Inc.
Specializes in groundwater treatment and hydrogeologic modeling. Also sells modeling and GIS interface software for groundwater analysis.
Crisalis International
Specializes in groundwater consulting, research and innovation.
David Blackmore & Associates
Geotechnical and environmental engineers. Services include groundwater evaluation, site assessment, waste disposal, and aquifer analysis. Pennsylvania, USA.
Earthward Consulting
Provides groundwater and contaminant transport modeling, deep well injection, mine dewatering, and environmental visualization services. Includes sample visualizations.
Ejlskov Consult
Site investigation, environmental due diligence, risk assessment, monitoring, hydrogeology, water quality, and water sampling. Provides services throughout Europe.
Environmental Simulations International
Environmental Simulations International provides services in hydrogeology, environmental consulting, groundwater modelling, risk assessment, contaminated land and brownfield development. Also develops groundwater modelling software.
Errol L. Montgomery & Associates, Inc.
Hydrogeologic consulting in exploration, development, use and management of groundwater, recharge, litigation support, site assessment, contamination, and remediation. Offices in Arizona, USA and Chile.
ESA Consulting, LLC
Offers regulatory compliance, litigation support, due diligence, site investigations, and other environmental services in connection with underground storage tanks, contaminated sites, and other soil and groundwater matters. Texas, USA.
G. Fred Lee & Associates
Surface and ground water quality evaluation and management. Background information and articles on environmental subjects such as water quality, impact of hazardous chemicals, and wastewater management.
Professional hydrogeological services of ground-water supply and engineering projects, Slovenia - Europe
GEOSCIENCE Support Services, Inc.
Specializes in ground water planning and development, recharge investigations, flow and solute transport modeling, injection well design, and related environmental services. Southern California, USA.
GeoSystems Analysis, Inc.
Services include groundwater contamination studies, regulatory compliance, groundwater resource exploration, recharge studies, groundwater transport modeling, mine waste reclamation, and geotechnical lab testing. Lists past projects and clients. Arizona, USA.
Ground Water Science
Performs investigations and planning in water supply hydrogeology and ground water quality, microbiology, and well maintenance for environmental studies and public water supply. Also supply training and publications. Working regionally and internationally. Ohio, USA.
Hydrosolutions Pty Ltd
Hydrogeological and environmental consultancy. Specializing in groundwater investigations, resource development, contaminated site assessment, and remedial design and implementation.
In Aqua Veritas, LLC
Provides outsourcing services in groundwater fate and transport modeling, risk-based corrective action and remediation by natural attenuation.
McDonald Morrissey Associates, Inc.
Specializes in the analysis of complex groundwater flow systems for industrial and government clients. Lists past projects.
McLane Environmental
Specializes in ground water flow system analyses, contaminant transport and computer modeling. Pictorial and VRML examples of past projects listed.
Oakridge Environmental, Ltd.
Consulting in hydrogeology, environmental geology, groundwater and surface water supplies, well testing, water quality, testing, contaminants, geophysics, geochemistry, aggregates, exploration. Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
P R Marriott Drilling, Ltd.
Provides drilling, ground water engineering and hydro geological consultancy services. Located in Chesterfield, UK.
Pacific Groundwater Group
Water resources and environmental consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington.
Project Dewatering Limited
Offers development and operation of groundwater control and remediation systems through the world. Describes capabilities and past projects. Offices in Suffolk, Derbyshire and County Durham, UK.
Rockwater Groundwater Consultants
Western Australia firm. Service areas include locating and developing ground water supplies, mine dewatering, and groundwater contamination control.
Schlumberger Water Services
Consultant providing technical services and developer of a range of instruments that allow continuous monitoring of groundwater.
SCS Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Specializes in groundwater monitoring, phase I and II site assessments, mold sampling, and TCEQ corrective action. Located in The Woodlands, Texas.
Shannon & Wilson, Inc.
Provides a full range of geotechnical and environmental engineering services. Lists clients and past projects.
Southwest Ground-water Consultants
Arizona hydrogeology consultancy company offering services in water-supply studies, well design, artificial recharge, contamination investigations, and other applications. Includes staff and project profiles.
TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Services include site investigation, groundwater studies, air quality control, risk assessment, solid waste management, and pollution prevention. Located in Idaho, USA.
Terry Environmental Services
Specializes in phase I and II environmental site assessments, underground storage tank (UST) closures, remediation support, and subsurface analysis. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
True North Environmental LLC.
Provides groundwater prospecting employing fracture trace analysis and high resolution electrical resistivity (ER) imaging.
Ulrick & Associates
Groundwater resource management, hydrogeology, geology, hydrology, drinking supply wells, groundwater modeling, geostatistics, risk assessment, landfills, dewatering, and environmental monitoring. Located in Berkeley, CA.
Waterstone Environmental Hydrology and Engineering
Specialities include ground and surface hydrology, numerical code development, water rights, and risk assessment. Located in Boulder, Colorado.
Zephyr Environmental Corporation
Provides environmental, health, and safety services to industry and government. Located in Texas and Maryland, USA.
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