Educational materials broadly related to water resources and their use. This includes materials for teachers, students, water professionals, or the general population.

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Comprehensive collection of information about mineral water. Describes the differences between mineral and spring water, different types of mineral water, laws governing mineral water quality, and includes a collection of 986 labels from water bottles.
Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative
Non-profit organization aiming to increase community education and involvement in the Boulder Creek Watershed. Includes details of numerous educational projects, including Water Forum lectures and discovery maps for children.
A United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project that provides education and training for capacity building in integrated water resources management.
Creek Connections
Partnership between Allegheny College and regional K-12 schools to use the French Creek and adjoining watersheds and waterways for hands-on, environmental education. Newsletters, details of participating schools, classroom and teacher resources, and many useful links.
Department of Sanitary Engineering, TU Delft, Netherlands
Offers educational programs and conducts research on wastewater treatment and other aspects of water resources.
DWR: Water Education Materials for Educators
Educational resources from the California State Department of Water Resources. Includes "Water Facts and Fun" catalog of educational materials and calendar of events.
Education World: Education Resources
Discusses problems faced in water education and compares approaches taken by 'Give Water a Hand' and the 'River Watch Network'.
Demonstration kits for teaching about water pollution and its prevention. Topics include nonpoint source pollution, wetlands, coastal zones, groundwater, and landfills.
Envision Environmental Education
Manufacturer of environmental and geologic education products, including acrylic groundwater models (simulators).
EPA Watershed Academy
Training opportunities and distance education for ecologists, managers, and others interested in watersheds from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Includes online course guides covering water protection, river restoration, and watershed management.
Experiments to Test for Acid Mine Drainage
Hands-on experiments to learn about water quality, the impacts of mining, streams and stream monitoring, wetlands, watersheds, and other topics.
Geography Action! Rivers 2001
A collection of river conservation activities and educational tools from National Geographic, aimed at the general public, educators, and students.
Give Water A Hand
Program for youth groups or classes to help kids take action to improve local water quality. Young people team up with educators, natural resource experts and committed community members to study water issues and take action.
Gulf of Mexico Program: Educator and Student Resources
Activities, information, and resources for students and teachers from the U.S. EPA. Includes general resources on water and pollution and information about the geology, heritage, and environmental problems of the Gulf of Mexico.
The Importance of Wild Salmon
Provides information on the migratory habits of salmon and includes tips to help ordinary people contribute to the restoration of threatened northwest salmon runs.
The Liffey River, Dublin, Ireland
School project about the River Liffey in Dublin compiled by students from Elanora Heights Primary School. Illustrates how a local river can be used as a focus for studies of local culture, geography, and environmental issues.
Marine Science Careers
A comprehensive overview of careers in marine biology and the other marine sciences prepared as part of the Sea Grant program of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Once Upon a Watershed
Aims to engage students in hands-on watershed education, restoration and stewardship experiences.
Planet Water
Use, conservation, and educational resources about water in Australia. Includes links, tools, news, and quotes.
Project WET: Water Education for Teachers
Non-profit water education program for educators and young people, grades K-12, located at Montana State University. Includes newsletters, activities, and details of coordinators throughout the U.S. and Canada.
River of Words
An environmental art and poetry program created to promote watershed awareness, literacy, and the arts. Through its annual art and poetry contest and educator's tools, River of Words helps communities begin exploring the natural and cultural history of their own home grounds.
Safe Drinking Water Is Essential
Educational exhibit from the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences that examines the state of the world's water supply and what can be done to improve it.
Soda Bottle Hydrology
Activities and experiments for teaching children (various grades) about groundwater, aquifers and hydrology. Page contains both student's and teacher's introductions. From the US Dept of Energy Office of Environmental Management.
South Carroll High School's Aquaculture
Information about student aquaculture projects at South Carroll High School in Maryland. Includes photos, fish descriptions, tank descriptions, and tips based on experiences.
U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Education
Educational materials for various ages and grades, including USGS Learning Web, Water Science for Schools, Frog Web, Education Posters, Water Resources Education Initiative outreach program, and links to materials from other sources.
University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute
Scientific institute dedicated to confronting water problems through research, training, and education. Site includes the Water Education Place (K-12 curricula and websites for students and teachers), online library access, and directory of Wisconsin water experts.
The Water Cycle
U.S. Geological Survey diagram and accompanying comprehensive explanations of the hydrologic cycle. Available in 36 languages.
Water Education Foundation
Non-profit organization educating people about water issues in California and the American West.
Water on the Web
Water education materials for college and advanced high school students based on real-world data from the Minnesota lakes. Includes geographic information systems, data visualization, and in-depth educational materials prepared for both students and teachers.
Water: A Theme for Schools
Teaches primary/junior school children about water. Includes information and data about different rivers throughout the world and an activity encouraging children to write descriptively about rivers.
Wetland Delineation Training Courses
Rutgers University offers continuing professional education courses including wetland delineation, restoration and construction. Provides details of upcoming and recently held courses.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Sea Grant Program
Research, education, and advisory projects to promote the wise use and understanding of ocean and coastal resources. Outreach programs, catalog of over 700 educational publications, and current research projects.
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